Amazon Fire TV Applications Development


If Apple, Roku and Chrome can launch a digital media player than why not You heard us right. Amazon Fire TV is one of the finest product of It is a digital media player and a microconsole which consists of onlive wireless controller. Which is also called as “microconsole tv adapter”. It is a compact network device and entertainment appliance, developed to stream line the digital audio/video files and other contents to an HD television. Users can enjoy gaming with this amazing device with the given remote or a mobile app or a game controller. It is consists of a huge specs and features with a small box, having thrice processing power than Roku and Apple TV.

There are so many App development companies who develop and design the content and apps as a third party developer with the help of SDK provided by Amazon. We at Hyperlink Infosystem are here to help you with the finest designing and developing those apps and contents for your users by our best class developers. You can always build new apps and you can also escort your existing apps and games to this astonishing fire TV.

Take your Android games to the another level

Android is the best platform to strat with. With the use of the same existing tools Android developers can develop apps and games for better and greater experience on a bigger TV. Amazon Fire TV gives richer experience to the developers and the users both and that is what makes it unique in all. Android Software Development Kit (SDK) has following components which helps the developers to make it large. 1) For producing TV notifications thet have “Notifications, API” 2) For managing players and the result from the game controller they have GameController, API. Amazon TV is supported by Android Jelly Bean. Perhaps Android developer do not have o use SDK to develop Android games or Apps as earlier said that same components are used to develop it.

How Hyperlink Infosystem can help you?

At Hyperlink Infosystem, we can definitely help you to make such apps which will attract your users. We are also an expert to monitize your app to the maximum level with the help of In-App purchasing APIs. If we talk about In-App purchasing APIs, Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV stick both supports the same. User retention is one of the important aspect for any owner of the App. We help you to offer any consumable items or invariably entitled items so that you can make your app alive and active with the best ROI.

Tips to develop Apps for Amazon TV

1) Very firstly, to develop the apps for Amazon TV, you must fix up your development surrounding and envioronment. This sfix up includes following software packages installed in your computer.

- Java Development Kit (JDK)

- Android Software Development Kit (SDK)

- Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

- SDK Add on for the Amazon Fire TV

2) After the installation of the softwares in your computer, you need to keep the following hardwares handy.

- Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire TV Stick

- The Amazon Fire TV remote and Voice Remote

- For better connection, WiFi or an Ethernet network where your devices can be connected

And now you are all set to develop the apps for this amazing device.


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