Apple iwatch Application Development


With Apple watch, customers can now operate and manage data in a way that is both emphatically personal and self-effacing. You don't have to pull your iPhone from your pocket to get so many day to important information quickly,just on your wrist. Apple watch potrays a new segment in the relationship which peope have with the technology. This new saga of technology will give their users a new innovative experience just on their wrist.

As a creator of third party application for Apple watch, we have written down some most relevent and imporant information in the most easiest way possible:

All about the Apps for Apple Watch

An Apple watch demands an existance of an iPhone to stream third party Apps. To create a third party app, you need two discrete bunch of technologies: 1) A Watchkit App (that operates an Apple Watch) 2) A Watchkit extension (that is streamed with user's iPhone). The functionality of both is very imporant yet totally different to run your app smoothly on an Apple Watch.

The WatchKit App holds only the storyboards and files of resources connected withe user interface of your app

The WatchKit extension comprises the codes to handle the WatchKit App's user interface and answering the commands and the interactions of users.

User Interactions is the functionality that makes Apple Watch eccentric. Users get the benefits to have a full app experience, and to interact they open your app from the Home Screen. Multiple screens and full interface both make easy and simple for your app users to connect with your data.

WatchKit allows to extend your iPhone App to Apple Watch by giving Three opportunities: 1)WatchKit Apps 2) Glances 3) Customised local Notifications

WatchKit Apps

This will help users to see all the Apps together as a full interface on Apple watch. This is where the user can control, launch and connect with your App on Apple Watch. A Watchkit App appears on the home screen of Apple Watch and it is the door way for users to view, connect and interact with you App and Data in it.


This is the most facination feature of Apple Watch. Which will give you some read only usefull information time by time which is called a glance of the information. Users can get a great benefit out of it as they don't have to do anything in this just to read and if they see any useful info they can use it. It is also called a focused approach which will show some important info of your App too.

Customised local Notifications

This function is quite unique. As it is connected with user's iPhone, it gives the user local and some actionable notifications. Initially, this feature will give you very less notifications and informations but when the user will show his interests and desire in these notifications, it will show more notification as per user's taste and desire. User can also customize this notifications as per their priorities.


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