Chromecast Applications Development


Chromecast is a product of google. It is a digital media player which plays audio/video files with a high definition display by directly emerging or streaming it through WiFi from the internet. Users can choose the media that they want to play by using mobile apps or web apps that support Chrome Cast technology. On the other hand, the files and the content can bee seen from the Google chrome (web browser) running on a PC and some android devices too.

Chromecast was launched on 24th July, 2013 and it was available to buy on the same day in the US. The chrome cast software Development kit was made available on 3rd February, 2014 that allowed the third party to reform their software to work with Google Cast. It was also announced as the best selling streaming device because of its simplicity and capacity for future support.

We at Hyperlink Infosystem provides the best class development and design of the different applications that is supported by Chromecast. A Google has announced Chromecast SDK back in July, it has been easy for developers to create their own content to watch it on the big screen through the Chromecast. Google Cast gives the opportunity to enjoy the multi screen experiences accross all devices including, phones, PC, laptops, tablets,etc.,

The crome cast SDK is very simple to incorporate because it is not required to write a new app for the same. Just integrate the SDK with your available mobile device and web apps to fetch your content on TV. This SDK is also available on Android and iOS. You have to register your Google Cast devices on the Google Cast SDK Developer console. This registration is mendatory so that you can use the same for testing.

Many App Development Companies modily their own apps and softwares with the help of SDK provided for Chromecast. For more details on Chromecast please contact us on

Some Facts about Chrome Cast

1) You can cast any content or data from the Chrome Browser to Chrome Cast device is only supported if that website is Google Cast enabled.

2) If your music file is stored in the local mobile device and you want it cast it on Google cast than that is not available at this time. To facilitate this kind of content you may use some 3rd Party application.

3) Chrome Cast applications will only supports Chrome Cast devices and not the Google Cast devices.

4) Chrome Cast audio device updates are published regularly and the device is going to get updated automaically but you have to make sure that your WiFi is connected with your device.


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