Roku Player Applications Development


Before getting into the Roku Player development thing let us apprise you with "What is a Roku player"?

The Roku Streaming player or we can simply say Roku is a sequesnce of set top boxes produces by ROKu Inc. Roku collaborators supplies extravagant content in the form of channels. A Roku streaming device gathers data or we can say video stream through a wired or WiFi cpnnection to an internet router. The result shown or the output is via an audio cable, video cable, or both. The device can be attached to any devices like television, laptop, PC etc., with the proper input connections. Roku asks for the stream source on the internet a channel and those channels can give contents or data or live streaming videos which on demand. On Roku paid and free both channels are available.

Roku also provide the owners and publishers the opportunity to design their own channels on Roku Player and its is fully available to Roku Users.ROKU provides very cost effective medium to the content owners and publishers to deliver their content on Roku Players. Publisher can also design the games for the Roku Users.

Roku launched the first streaming video player in the year 2008 in the partnership with Netflix. A million units had been purchased by US people in just the first two years. And after the years passing, in the present day there are 2000+ channels are accessible for the Users on Roku channel Store. If you are looking for the video streaming on your TV than Roku is your product. It is the most affordable and favorable amongst the consumer.

We prvide a cost effective design of a Roku Channels.

There are some frequently asked questions on Roku:

1) How do I get started?

You need to simply create a Roku developer account to get the access to the Roku Software development kit (SDK) and developer management tools. For more information on the same. Please contact us on

2) Is it chargable to create or publish my channel?

It is cost free to join the Roku Development Program or to publish the Roku channel. It is advisable to read all the terms and conditions while you sign up inyour Roku account. To design, develop and publish a Roku channel You can anytime contact us.

3) Is there any approval needed or restrictions are there on Roku players?

To avoid any misfunctionality Roku always evaluate and approves all the channels before publishing them on the Roku Channel Store. Roku makes sure that all the channels and other contents are of high quality and best. We at Hyperlink Infosystem tries to make this process as simple as possible. If you want to publish the channels worldwide and in defferent languages than please contacts us on

4) Does Roku supports all kind of channels?

With the use of SDK, you can create and publish any and every kind of channels that is felicitous to a television experience designed for Roku. That can be included High quality games, social media applications, music channels, photo sharing and internet radio.

5) What technologies should be used to create channels for Roku?

Roku Channels are noted in a specific language called BrightScript. It is a scripting language and can be easily learned by experienced programmers. HTTP is used for the communication with services and servers using some standard XML based technologies. H.264 video with AAC-LC audio connected with the MP4 container is reccommended by us for the better quality of the video.

6) How do i get the Roku channel developed if I don't have any development resources.

We at Hyperlink Infosystem develop the best Roku Channels with use of latest technologies. The qoutes for theme depend upon your expectations and content for the channel. Get the Free quote.


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