15 Questions to ask App Development companies why would they choose us?


15 Questions to ask App Development companies why would they choose us?

 Appdevelopment companies a part of Hyperlink Infosystem is one of the leading mobile application development company based out of India since 2011. We are into developing Android, Windows and iOS applications. We tend to always provide supreme technical know how in mobile application development outsourcing services till date. When you choose appdevelopment companies or Hyperlink Infosystem, you are collaborating with the most efficient and cost- effective team that is been designing and developing keen edged mobile applications for years. We are located in the heart of Ahmedabad, which is the economic capital of Gujarat in India.

We have a team of highly skilled and qualified technical professionals that have expertise in the latest mobile and web technologies, offering multifaceted information technology solutions to our globally located business clients. Our inventive ways for IT services have made us the leaders in this field.

Q1 Where would we find the apps that you have developed for other clients?

We develop the Apps for iOS, Android and windows. The apps developed by our experts will be found in the respective play stores. We also give the link of the respective stores where you can easily and rapidly find the apps we made. We also send the screen shots of the apps we developed. That is also one way to have a glimpse of our applications. Screen shots are given and shared on the bases of requests. You can also visit our website www.hyperlinkinfosystem.com to see our hard work. So these are various ways of reaching to our master pieces.

Q2 Would you provide the list of your valuable clients with references?

Yes if we are requested we will surely provide you the list of clients we worked with. Our Clients are very important and valuable for us so we would not like to breach and contract or NDA signed with our clients so the list will be shared in the limit of any contract or NDA.

Q3 What is your team size and experience?

Hyperlink Infosystem is incorporated since 2011. Being a new bee in this IT industry we are right now a small sized company, having 40+ employees including all experts for developing the apps, testers, designers and management. Though we are a fresher in the market, we have worked with some big names too. The growth of the company is increasing day by day. We have marked our place in this industry after serving some best class applications and designs for different OS and websites. The continuous relations with our clients and the successful implementations of innovative applications are the evidence of our triumph.

Q4 Do you have in-house designers or just developers?

Hyperlink Infosystem has the diversity in knowledge and talents. We have some outstanding and creative in-house designers having ingenious talent in the field of designing the various applications, graphic images, posters and banners for your websites. If we talk about developers, they are just experts. We have android, iPhone and windows developers working 24*7 to meet the deadlines of the clients and serve them the best work of them. Hyperlink Infosystem is indeed a talent hub.

Q5 What is your hourly rate?

As mentioned in our website http://appdevelopmentcompanies.us/ our hourly rate is $ 24.99 for all the developers including Android, iPhone and windows. For any further rates or any details regarding the same you can keep in touch with us info@hyperlinkinfosystem.com

Q6 Do you also work on fixed price projects?

We are surely work on fixed price projects. Serving the cost effective and excellent work is the prime motto of Hyperlink Infosystem. So working on fixed price projects will also be our pleasure. We have a pattern to follow while working on any project. Firstly we gather the requirements from clients and based on that we design the applications or website and after that we start developing the apps. Each and every step of the given project will be transparent. So if you want any detailed information, please keep in touch with us. We are always available for you.

Q7 How does a app make money what are the ways to monetize the app?

We develop and implement the app to expand your company and the profit you make. So there are few ways which we would like to unveil for you to make money out of your own app we made and you can have the better idea how to reach your and understand your audience.

  1. Advertisement API: Advertisement API is the very first way to make revenue out of any App. We can include the feature of any advertisement API like airpush www.airpush.com/, AdMob https://apps.admob.com/ in your app so that you can optimize your own app to reach the maximum revenue out of it. Withe the help of this feature you can increase and enlarge the traffic at your app and that is the main aim for any app holder. This feature will give you smooth way to get maximum downloaders and promotion of your app which makes your App more profitable and the return on investment will increase by default.

  1. In- App purchase feature: This is another cost effective way to monetize your app and increase the revenue. In this feature your app will be shown fully free to download so that users don't get hesitated but we can add some of the additional features payable. So if you want to launch your app for free in the app store that will be a wise decision with the help of this feature. For example: Let's suppose that we have made any dating application and initially ten messages we have kept for free but than if user wants to send any extra messages we can keep it paid. So this way for any extra messages purchased, we can get the extra revenue out of it. This is just one idea, there can be thousands of idea with the help of this feature.

  2. Paid App: This is the third and quite costly way to make more and more revenue through your own app. There are two types of app sin any play stores. 1) Free Apps 2) Paid Apps. Users have to pay the cost we decided for each and every app while downloading the app. So for each downloads our client can make revenues and monitize their app. Though this is the costlier way but this can make you more profit and revenue in compare to any other ways shown.

We hope you are satisfied with answer and if you want any detail or help regarding this you can always keep in touch with us.

Q8 Do you sign NDA? What is the confidentiality?

Yes we do sign a legal document which Non discloser Agreement where we take care of the confidential information that you shared with us and vice versa. There are clauses which protect the confidential information regarding both the parties. You will be given the whole copy of NDA after giving us the contract from your company. And we take full guarantee on the same.

Q9 what if your resource gets Sick?

Client's investment in terms of money and time is precious for us. So whenever the scenario happens where any developer will get sick your project will definitely won't get affected. We have enough number of developers and other resources in our organisation. We will immediately replace the resource.

Q10 What are the terms of the payment if we choose you?

The payment terms depends on the project and the time frame if the project is under a budget of $20,000 we can charge 30% advance if the project is more then $70,000 then we can go for 10% advance.

Q11 Will i have the full access of the source codes?

Yes you will have the full access for the source code after the project is completed.

Q12 What if i am not convinced with your outcome can i get the money back?

As we are highly professional as far as our work and organization is concerned, we would maintain the utter transparency during the project. You will be awared with each and every design, feature, content and if you approve the same than and than only we will proceed further so there will be no question whether you are convinced with the app and website or not.

Q13 Do you have all the latest iphone, Android and Windows devices to test ?

As testing is the major part of our process to develop and implement any app, we are highly updated with latest technologies and gadgets. Having this latest devices help us to test each and every app through brand new and extremely latest device, features and technologies. So yes we have all latest iPhones(iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5), all latest iPads, new launched android and windows phones.

Q14Do you have a QA? Do you do automated testing or manual?

Quality Assurance is method to keep check on mistakes or defects in producing or developing any app. To deliver the best service and to satisfy the client at the extreme level, we at Hyperlink Infosystem has some QA experts who prevent mistakes and help us to make flawless app for our clients. We do manual testing for the application we made for our clients. Testing is done by the experts only.

Q15 What is the guarantee that my app will be approved by Apple and Android?

As mentioned earlier our clients are very precious and valuable for us, we will give you full support as far as approval from App store is concerned. Yes we give full guarantee that your App will be approved by Apple and Android. If in case any feature is there in your design which will not be approved by any of the mentioned store, we will inform you immediately and keep it transparent. No final App will be disapproved by any store.

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