A journey to the core of gaming world with Unity3D


A journey to the core of gaming world with Unity3D

Today among the most popular game engines like Unity3D, UE4, Marmalade and Cocos2D; Unity3D is most popular platform. It can be utilized for implementation of both large-scale AAA games and 2D mobile games. The latest versions of Unity let the developers conveniently craft games for distinct types of devices. Using this platform developer can create cross platform mobile games with high quality graphics.


Most Significant Competitive advantages of Unity



1) The C# language is a high level programming language which allows developers to enter the game development process easily. Other game engines are based on C++, but C# has many elements, techniques and developers can also script using JavaScript.



2) Unity is cross platform tool i.e. same code developed using the Unity engine can be ported on many platforms like PC, Mac, Android, iOS, Web, game consoles. With minimal modifications. It reduces effort required to develop a game.



3) A good community is core to game development, it means that each engine’s function has clear description with examples on developer’s website and if any aspects remain unclear, the support team will answer any questions.



4) Unity has an Asset Store, where diverse useful plug-ins and assets for game development purpose are collected. Both free and paid tools are available here. Once developers find out tool they are looking for, it can be quickly downloaded and integrated.






Multiplatform Solutions Framework (MSF)


This tool simplifies aspects like storing files on server, receiving content from server, storing player’s profile, and integration with social networks. The solution works on server side, and for client side there is a Unity plug-in developed, and speeds up the game development process.


The features of MSF:



1) MSF will allow you to use the same player’s profile on different devices. A player can play a cross-platform game on iOS, Android, or over the Web and their progress will be saved each time in one profile for all platforms.



2) Another feature is storing and receiving files. A game often requires storing some content on the server side. If the game is cross-platform or the game has some extended configurations, you would need a mechanism for updating the game configurations. MSF allows you to do that through storing files on the server side and providing a straightforward API for receiving those files.



3) The third feature is its functionality for integration with social networks, which has already been implemented on the server side. For example, it allows you to invite friends to the game, send presents to them, reward bonus points, and send push notifications.



Unity has magnetized users by providing games like Deus Ex:The Fall , Assassin’s Creed , Satellite Reign ,Escape plan , Temple run triology , Rust , Wasteland2 , Kerbal Space Program etc. App development companies, be it small or big can take maximum advantage of this platform to develop game apps. Unity3D is most popular and upgrading platform, top app development companies can make rich graphic and well featured games to take on gaming world.

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