“Agriculture with IoT” - The Technological Approach to Raise the Food”


“Agriculture with IoT” - The Technological Approach to Raise the Food”

The Internet Of Things- IoT has revolutionalized all top app development companies & industries of the world. The impression it has made on agriculture cannot be defined by little words.

The arrival of IoT into agriculture has been made in a great time because the world population is expected to grow to 9.6 billion by 2050. It would have been difficult to feed all those people with poor farming methods. In order to keep up with the food demands, it is important that a new & innovative method of farming should be included - a process that would start to least wastage of water, knowledge of what kind of grains to plant and when, determining return time, and so on.

Currently, these are some of the fulminations that harm the progress of agriculture:

Productivity has become considerably late

Requirement of fresh water

Availability & price of remains fuels

Arable land growing rare

Extreme changes in climate

Lack of labor due to impacts of urbanization

This is where IoT moves in and takes the lines of farming, thereby preserving farmers & improving their livelihood.

Precise Farming with IoT

IoT has been instrumental in making precision farming to agriculture. The main purpose of precision agriculture is to maximize the generate per unit of land fit for farming by utilizing a latest farming method. This would constant be done in a sustainable way so highest quality yields are produced and increase the financial returns of the farmer.

When IoT started to make an influence in agriculture, farmers started applying computer-based imaging, robotics, GPS technology, precise weather forecasting techniques, knowledge of environment measuring factors and every type of highly specific science-based solutions.

So, in latest farming, the farmer uses the following technologies to get his work done:

Software applications

Data analytics solutions

Modern translation technologies

Positioning technologies

Hardware & software systems

By Internet of Things, it can be possible to get highly precise, actual-time information about the active agricultural processes like the planting of roots, collection and much more. Further involved in the process, the variety of soil, weather conditions and much more.

Know some other areas of agriculture that IoT is sure to transform are described below,

Pest Management & Control

There are smart systems which can control pest remotely. This would show the farmer what kind of poison to apply and in what quantity. Now the farmer can defend his fields and seek the fruits of his produces without worrying about clarity. IoT also blocks too much poison from being used on the crops or vegetables. In some countries, farmers are not even conscious of how much pesticide he should be applied, resulting in the use of chemicals and thereby making it dangerous for human disease.

Furthermore, farmers use pest control sensors to help forecast pest behavior. This would be effective in controlling the harm done by pests on a large scale.

Water Management for Crop

The best water management can increase crop productivity. This is a significant move and beneficial for farmers because of the coming end of water poverty. Water will never be wasted and farmers will be capable for open & close water gates in an efficient way through the apps on their smartphones. With sensors connected to the water sluice gates, farmers will be ready to do a trend measurement analysis. By this, farmers can determine the amount of rainfall experienced in the current year and pick on the minimum level of irrigation required for the crops.

Food/Crop Production & Safety

Sensors combined to IoT will inform the farmer of his return status by controlling food production & handling operations. A large network of devices will interact with one another in the automated mode requiring definitely no human association. It would also help him to measure and set the temperature in the food storage centers. Temperature is an important metric that would protect food and produce. These sensors would continuously keep prices on the quantity and quality of food that is transported, through assuring that food safety standard are served.

With all technological changes that IoT has brought about, it is no surprise that it has absolutely changed the farming industry as well. There is a lot of scope for developing farming apps that would profit both farmers and app development companies. So, do you have an innovative mobile app idea? We would glad to convert your idea into your agriculture app! Contact us now.

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