Apple TV newest Launch will let you Enjoy the Collections of your Movie Libraries


Apple TV newest Launch will let you Enjoy the Collections of your Movie Libraries

Tired of watching all the video's and oldies in your computers and televisions ? Having collection of movies that unfits your hard diskette as time passes ? Wanna need a place that lets you store your entertainment zone that can be accessed from anywhere ? Yes, then you are at right address. VideoLan has proclaimed that it will be releasing its first port of VLC in Fourth generation Apple- TV inside Apple- TV Store .



Find Anything, Run Everywhere, Play Everything “ this is what the future of Television Apple believes in.


Some of the features that have come up with this newest application are as follows:





1) Content Disclosure:


It automatically embodies the services on local network using the SMB, UPnP media server using FTP and PLEX protocols. one can browse through any videos located on your network with the Siri Remote that chooses content to be play backed and when play backed ,subtitles can also be added from Now, no need to convert your file format just simply drag and drop any format media files and play.


2) Login Credentials Safety:


The login credentials you enter can be easily stored on apple TV where safety is highly considered and can be accessed through your i phones and i pads.


3) Remote Replay of Video :


Using IP address in Remote Playback menu on apple TV a pop up will open containing your media that can be dragged and dropped in your local network to have remote access on your apple TV till the time the storage size is breached out.


The Web Interface Can also be used to play, pause and seek all the media files stored remotely.


4) Playback of Videos:


Though supporting basic play, pause and seek controls one can also navigate the application through chapter , titles and can also select from multiple audio and subtitles tracks. Other interesting features is that it includes custom playback speed and that is been integrated through with for artist imagery and biographies.



Versoining & Devices:


a. Requires TVOS 9.0 or later.

b. Compatible with fourth generation Apple TV.


Licensing Information:


  • It is licensed under the Mozilla Public License Version 2 as well as the GNU General Public License Version 2 or later.


As we Know Apple Inc is the leading Label that captures the eye of market there are no SDK available to develop apple TV applications in market but if any development company wishes to design an application for apple TV then they can make some arrangements by talking with apple as no tutorials of it are available.Many Top App Development Companies is working on smart TV apps development and which is very very popular amongst the TV lovers.



Though Future cannot be predicted and present can not be changed a rumor is been highlighted these days that VLC is currently beta testing Apple TV support for cloud services Dropbox, OneDrive and Box that they will make it available in the near future. Lets see what happens next ..!

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