Be prepared to experience the next gen IoT when Google weave meets Brillo


Be prepared to experience the next gen IoT when Google weave meets Brillo

It wasn’t too long since, the concept of the Internet of things has started surfacing on the face of the reality. The futuristic concept, which implies the association of multiple appliances as well as devices and their common operability as well accessibility, was existed in the form of theory for years. To put it straight, with one device in hand, you can control multiple machines at home, at the factory or at the offices. The device through which you control other appliances turns into a command giving unit, which communicates with other devices and extends the message to undertake certain tasks.



The Internet of Things technology used to be the one of the most endeavored interest areas for electronic companies. The problem area was the fine synchronization amongst the devices which give command and those devices which required to process the command and perform the given command. Eventually their efforts have turned the tide and a concept finally met the reality.





All of the major companies providing the devices and search services, have now been equipped with their own line of IoT facilities. Apple has got the HomeKit while Samsung has come up with Artik. However, its Google once again has brought the out of the world IoT facilities with Google weave and Brillo.



When Google connected weave with Brillo, this is where the completely miraculous technology made its way to simplicity. As Brillo itself an OS for IoT which is basically designed with a consideration for enabling app development companies and ultimately developers a light and quick gateway to create IoT applications.



An android based OS with a user oriented interface which let the users get their hands on without any hazel. All Google was aiming at, is making an IoT platform that can be run in any imaginable appliance with compatibility be it home locking system or lighting or air circulation system, within a span of a few years, Google is all set to make it available for the public.





Google weave is something which has increased the compatibility by many folds, as it is Google’s own language through which the command would be made to the devices. It’s a IoT dedicated language which forms the nexus and provide those control devices with a ground to execute pre-defined tasks. Weave essentially works as the source of terms and commands that will be optimized across the world amongst the compatible devices.



So here’s where the complexity for app development companies USA will be decreased to the significant level. Google has planned to involve the developers by considering their own terms of Weave language. The same move will also bring an opportunity for the weave to become a standardized IoT language.

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