Dawn of the data execution has brought exceptional accuracy in gadget world


Dawn of the data execution has brought exceptional accuracy in gadget world


The usage of Internet has blown the boundaries of data; the size of the databases used today has been growing at exponential rates each minute. The Data in size of millions is being generated within a span of one minute is being generated. The explosion of information systems, Internet and web based application, social networks and new technologies have given rise to a humongous amount of information, which turns out to be “Big Data”.





Generally there is a misconception prevailing regarding the big data which is that it’s a new age technology. In reality, big data is not a technology; rather it is a term refers to the collection of gigantic and complex datasets. It is not limited to the data lying in servers, but the term big data actually refer to each and every piece of data that has stored and organized in the companies till now.

There are 3 V’s that signify the Big Data precisely:



1) Volume: Huge massive amount of data.



2) Velocity: The rate at which data is being generated on the Internet.



3) Variety: It is a collection of diversified data.



These 3 V’s are immensely vital elements of Big Data, which enables the formation of it. Apparently, the usage of web based application and mobile based application has been on the rise since last couple of years. Data generated through these applications tend to prove the jewel for the top app development companies, as these companies can analyze to the depth of this data. And from the analyses they can attain the precious piece of stats and other information.


Through Big Data Analytics they can know two important factors which are the main contributors in the success of any business i.e.customer behavior and market behavior. The insight is what holds true value for the companies, because they apply those insights in their current products and increase the chances to perform better. 


Don’t just overwhelmed by its benefits yet, since you cannot get the output that straight away, you have to earn it. The major challenge which the app development companies are confronting nowadays is processing the Everest of data, if they would somehow manage to surmount. Capturing data from various sources, Filtering of that data, Storing, Searching, Scaling, Analyzing, are few actions which are taken in order to reach to the final inputs, and that is what quite complex for the small and medium size of firms. Apart from that, at the increasing volume of data, scalability of data in RDBMS systems (Relational Database Management Systems) is also not a straightforward task to undertake.


To overcome the challenges of RDBMS, distributed systems were introduced. However, the problem arises in distributed systems when a single machine crashes, which requires manual check to be resolved. Thus to overcome above challenges, hadoop was introduced. Hadoop is basically java based programming framework that processes large datasets in the distributed computing environment. Hence, hadoop can be a solution for the problem of processing big datasets. The said solution is momentarily forbidden for general usage as hadoop is passing through its initial stage, thus it will take time to be accepted and utilized by the firms around the globe.

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