Everything you should know about new jailbreak tweak: SwitchService


Everything you should know about new jailbreak tweak: SwitchService

A current jailbreak tweak does it possible to change within sending an iMessage or a normal text message quickly, without having to try into the Settings app, or wait for the SMS to break first.





Either you are having problems with one of the services and want to use an another one, or know that one of the services would better suit your requirements at a specific point in time, this tweak will have you satisfied.


SwitchService is ready to download for free from the repo.ioscreatix.com repository, requires only one long press to change between SMS and iMessage it is excellent.


How new tweak SwitchService works


SwitchService actually lets you decide either a message you are sending to somebody by the Messages app is sent as an iMessage or SMS, a famous feature of the now set to hold biteSMS tweak.


The tweak was really hosted in a separate repo and Jeff included a pre-release version already, but today’s version is the primary to be openly published in one of Cydia’s default containers and it also has amazing new features.




The tweak is used by touching and continuing on the Send button later you have written a message in the text field. You will see a short beat animation colored in unless green or blue to indicate what form you are in behind using the display.



As you exchange services, the color of the Send key is also changed to unless blue or green to show what service you are currently doing.


After you change the service to the one you would prefer to use, you are free to touch on the Send button and your message will be delivered using the service you have wanted.


Configure SwitchService




SwitchService attached a preferences pane to the Settings app where you can configure a some options to do the tweak work how you want it to.


With these points, you can configure:


1) Allowing or impairing the tweak on need

2) Enabling or disabling device shake when exchanging services

3) Configuring the time in seconds you will need to continue the Send button to exchange services


The capacity to exchange the time needed to touch and continue on the Send key is especially helpful, particularly if you envision yourself being clumsy or doing impatient with long hold periods.


There are some basic points suggested by app development companies which you must know about SwitchServices that are necessary for understands before applying the tweak.


Basically, I believe the idea behind SwitchServices is awesome and I am sure several people may really find this tweak helpful, but I as one don’t mind making my device wish for me either a message is sent as SMS or iMessage.


For the most important part, the device makes a good job that all iOS and Mac users receive messages as iMessages.


In case you are on the scene for a jailbreak tweak that enables you to select either or not a message is given as an SMS or iMessage, later SwitchServices, which is free, can be your excellent great friend.


It has a probably valuable performance matched with a beautiful animation, and it might help in a pinch.


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