Facebook – Reforming Brand into Social accountable Lead : Know what are the Latest updates in trend in android FB SDK 3.5


Facebook – Reforming Brand into Social accountable Lead : Know what are the Latest updates in trend in android FB SDK 3.5

Facebook is one of the most popular platform connecting millions of people around the globe since decades and has made world Village's Square. It is one of the most used app developed by app development companies that has generated big lead in social accounts by embracing millions and trillions of people by its services it bestows. With the timely new updates it has made people engaged with its application.


Now , Let's move on to know the latest trends about Android SDK 3.5


1) Native sharing Experience

The Share Dialog endows a lightweight and standard way to allow sharing of content from your application. Sharing of activity without need login has become much easy with such update.


This does not need login steps and with a single line of code news can be shared amongst people , can tag friends and can be spread across the world in just a single click. It also supports Open Graph to let people tell their story of their journey.


2) Open Graph

We had made the way smoother to bind Open Graph into your Android applications development India along with Object API. With the use of this API, you can straightaway create Open Graph objects and now you no need to host webpage on open Graph.


3) Improved UI

The renewed FB Login UI looks advanced and better , and the testing results predicts that the conversion rate is higher as compared to earlier. Design in Login button is being revamped to “ Login with facebook “. Through Localization facility default text can be overridden and this let app benefits by redesigned UI without changing any code.


4) More Depth and targeting Options

One can now measure your App events for android applications . You can also even measure total no of times an action taken from your app like that of “ add -to-cart” , “level achieved “ that advocates you in measuring ROI from advertisement on FB.


Within next few months , Facebook will be active on advancing its optimization and visions while developing new features leveraging app event in future.


App User ID is being commenced for custom visitor. Applying this feature, one can reachout to the people with specific actions like installations or purchases in your Android app by using an App User ID, meanwhile uploading this encrypted list in our add tool-set like as customer.


Yes, app event, and app user ID custom audiences are worth having features for applications that drives mobile applications installations ads. Facebook is striving hard to add more functionalities to SDK that carts advanced mobile capabilities that returns handsome ROI for android Apps. For more Updates on Facebook SDK stay tuned to us ..!

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