Feel the fantasy for real with virtual reality technology


Feel the fantasy for real with virtual reality technology

Virtual Reality is like a magic wand, this wand has provided the actual world with a tremendous transformation. The technology tycoons like Google, Samsung, and Microsoft have adapted this VR technology and have provided users with miraculous devices and applications. The doors have opened for app development companies to diversify their specialty.


Google cardboard is fantastic toy as it has everyone under its charm specially kids, and it allows us to transform any Android 4.1+ phone into whopping virtual reality headset. There are limited apps available within Google cardboard at the moment; however one can find new apps which are just a click away in Google Play. Some apps require keyboard or joystick.








Following are some Google cardboard apps that can pretty allure from kids to elders very amazingly.


Snow Shaker Maker: It is best suited for Christmas, and ultimate for kids. It lets you use Google Cardboard, turn your Android phone into a snow shaker and then add a new character each day during Advent.


Orbulus: People having Smartphone’s must have this startling app. This app allows to travel around everywhere from Sydney Opera House to Paris at night, San Francisco's Chinatown or even the inside of a washing machine. It is integrated with rich and amazing graphics. Hence, this app has made possible for us to travel around globe.


Rollercoaster: It’s an astonishing VR simulator that can make you scream and arouse your goose bumps. It will put you  in the scariest seat of all at the front of this terrifying ride as it twists and turns up, down, around and around, hurtling past city buildings and skyscrapers. You can look up, you can look side to side; don't look down. Turn around and you're not alone.


Hang Gliding: Made for adventure lovers by the same developer as Rollercoaster. It will provide you thrilling experience as snowy mountains will be approaching your face.


Dive Deep: This app will take you down in deep oceans and seas where you can swim among fishes, sharks, whales and other sea creatures.


Jurassic Land: One more app for kids, this app will increase the fascination of your kids towards dinosaur world. You get to sit in a Jurassic Park-style Jeep and can meet the dinosaurs. The graphics so rich that at one moment you will feel like Giganotosaurus is about to step on your head.


VR Cinema: This app provides two functionalities, one that lets you watch any video stored on your phone on a cinematic screen; and other that shows you the view through lens.


Variety of headset gears are available in digital world, now it’s time for Top App development companies to integrate these devices with distinct and mind blowing apps. VR has wiped out all the boundaries. As the creation of very diversification of distinctive applications is entirely depended upon these companies, so from hear they have to take it forward. 

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