Five things the Apple App Store could improve


Five things the Apple App Store could improve

We haven't been so thrilled with new app discovery on the App store but apple is trying it's best to making things interesting on the Apple app store for the users. It is very simple to take a conclusion after looking around the Apple app store that only tiny fraction of over 1.7 million apps are worthy to show off in the app store. But here the question arises that are there really very few apps which should get chance to rise and shine in front of the users? Or there are really very few apps who deserve it anyway?


Does a “good” app mean to have a place in Top 50 Grossing iPhone Apps? Or does “Good” mean heavily or multiple featured apps? An app which says about humanity can't come on the top? Does a developer should develop an app which comes in the lowest general denominator? These are the questions which arise when we look around the Apple App store because the Apps which are on the top are either have heavy features or any popular gaming apps or any dating or chatting apps.


App store was once a real competitive field with a balanced mixture of small or indie developers, mid sized tech studios and big publishers. But now the store field suffers from the inequality which suffocates the talent of many developers and App development companies. So what is different in Apple App Store? The Apple App Store used to be far different than anything else but now it is just a showcase of some famous apps top grossing apps.


The main problem is the filters which App store has, because popularity of an app- sadly and sometimes ironically- is a way to finding a great app. But for example the “slot machine app” which gets millions of fans can turn some other's interest off. So what can Apple do to improve app store? Let's have a look.




1) Filter out Grouping or Categories in the Top rankings:

For me, if I could remove out the game apps when I'm finding or browsing for new apps (in full “find” mode, not looking for anything specific) than instantly Apple's top ranking gets better and more effective or we rather say helpful. Similarly, if another person could remove out everything else except the category they want to see. The problem to resolve here is when someone is looking forward for an app but doesn't have anything in mind. So this sort of specific filtration can surely resolve the issue.


2) Permit users to hide apps:

Another problem is that while using the ranking list to find the new apps, they show the apps which we already seen or downloaded. This could be because the apps which are on the top is according to their popularity so we surely have seen it before. But what when we want to find the app which is not that popular or seen before.

Similarly, if you have rejected any app in the first place than why would you like to see it again and again in the finded list? Why not let a user obstruct it? For Example, I would never download an app called “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” or “Candy Crush Saga”. So why can't I hide those apps which I do not want to see.

Apple is clever enough to know when anyone is logged in and which apps I am already using. So on the basis of those intelligence, company is certainly capable enough to let users hide any irrelevant or annoying apps.


3) Offer a free trial Period:

Why anyone needs a free trial period for a freemium app? Well, No one does but the whole model of Apple App store aims at the lowest common denominator. Maximum free apps are loaded with all kind of clever and dishonest methods of monetizing usage.

This dishonest system to monetizing the apps, disturbs every other apps in the app store and developing an ecosystem lacking in variety and health. So for paid apps and yes “particularly for paid apps” which promise the value more than $1.99 should let them manifest the worth with a free trial period instead of a free and a “Pro” version, or a version with a loads of in-app purchases. This can be a blessing for high quality developers and genuine consumers.

This is to create a fair chance for a good developers who only create high valued apps and not indulged in fake monetizing methods and to authentic and real users.


4) Build a high profile, dirt-free, time-based refund policy:

Now a days for apps like games, the common rule seems that to make free Gaming apps with in-app purchases. But the issue is, the word “Free” changes the expectations of the users and somehow it leads to the disappointments and dislikes. Isn't it just degeneration?

Recently, Apple App Store has a cool feature “Play once and Pay” for the section of games which is actually very convenient for the users. What would be better than this? It is also an easy way for App Developers to permit users to download their apps and start playing for short period of time to get the feel of the play field and the quality of an app.

All Apple has to do is not to charge them during that time when they are getting the feel of the app. That could be 15 or 30 mins max. So if Apple can provide more flexibility to users and the developers both, they can gain trust of each other and everything can be clear and easy to be understood.


5) Create a meaningful Subscription service:

This option can unfasten roadblocks and motivate the app discovery without getting into unethical freemium schemes. So a good option can be to create a subscription service for an individual or a subscription service for a whole family. For example, In this model you can pay $10 to $15 dollars a month just like Apple's new music service and get a whole bunch of your preferable applications. There can be categories also such as totally free apps, free apps with in-App purchase, paid apps or manually selective apps.

These above five solutions aren't only about solving the marketing issues of start up App developers India or indie developers. But this will also change the nature off the App store. It would be more user and developer friendly. These could also change the sense of a value of an app.


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