Five tips to Develop Apps for Children


Five tips to Develop Apps for Children

Kids are unique, and so are their Apps. Their Apps should be useful, entertaining, catchy and educative enough. Mobile App Development is itself a complicated process and in addition to that if the App Development Companies desire to develop Apps for children?, that surely demands more accuracy and expertise. It definitely involves stages, planning and proper execution to make it perfect. Some problems may occur if you are planning to develop the apps for current generation. When you make Apps for children you definitely take their first reaction into consideration or if the apps are educative enough or not and main thing if the parents would allow them to use it.. With the experience of developing Apps for kids, we have noticed and faced some repeated designing problems that can be faced by others too. So here we are with some tips to develop Apps for children. We hope it will help you!




  1. Know your Audience:

More than 50 percent of the children who have access to a mobile device are actually an expert to use it. Shocking? But this is the truth of the generation. So based on this we can automatically conclude that they are very well known with downloading these apps and operating them. Children like entertaining Apps such as games, stories and other fun videos and on the other side their parents will download Apps such as educational, analytical and creative apps which will increase their knowledge and other skill sets which make them smarter. So the audience is definitely wider and combination of both the preferences in your App make it more favorable.


  1. Your App UI designing:

As far as your App UI is concerned, following things will help you.

  • Your Splash Screen occurring in the beginning is the most essential thing here, as children are going to see that very firstly. So to put the first impression in front of your young audience, splash screen has to be vivid, colorful and eye catchy and shouldn't be lasting more than 10 seconds because the little once won't be having that much patience. In case your App is going to take much time than put any animation or catchy music so that it can attract the children.

  • A big complected Home Screen with various menu options will not help you here as children of below say four yours won't be familiar with much reading and writing skills. They will just want a single click to get it started. But yes if you are targeting some older children than you can keep some creative menu options but even that should be smooth and simple.

  • Next thing you can take into consideration is the setting options. Using various setting option can perplex or confuse them. So all you need to simplify the setting options or make a different panel for settings as children love to be clumsy while playing with devices, specially tablets so their touch should not change your major settings.

  1. Communicate with your young audience:

Interactive and communicative Apps will attract your audience for sure. If you look around and analyze than you will come to know that children are attracted to the object which is so vivid and larger than life. So your design should be in a way that every things come out from the screen and children can feel them. Sharp audio and video elements will be also very helpful in this case. Some secret elements in your app will create fascination among your young audience.


  1. Add an element of Reward:

Children react positively to rewards and compliments. So to boost up their self esteem try to make our app more challenging and praising. That will keep the young ones happy and it will also make them come back for more always. A single clap or smiley faces are enough to cheer them up and encourage them. A challenging app will not bore them, keep their interest up in your App and switch to another app. You can set different challenging steps according to the various age group. Some age group will leave playing just after knowing the level of challenge and some age group will just play o achieve those goals. So keep it according to your targeted age group.


  1. Conclusion

So to sum up, make a note of all of the tips given above and make an app which is entertaining as well as educational enough. Children are blessed with the natural curiosity and excitements, you just have to wake them up. Please contact us for free quote now.


 Happy Developing!!!


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