GOOGLE Glass that gave the world whole new vision


GOOGLE Glass that gave the world whole new vision

While the technology is evolving day by day, it has started to provide multi utility to the routine objects and right from the basic utility, enabled them to be the brilliantly multitasking object. The list of illustration is quite lengthy yet, to mention a few of them such as televisions, mobile handset, fridge, wrist watch etc. are those common objects which have now gone beyond their typical functionalities. And what we are about to go specific is a glass that has changed the course of history and which is known as Google glass.






Hardware – Google glass team has worked efficiently and has managed to wrap up all outstanding functionalities in teensy hardware. The Google glass wholesome package contains Bluetooth, speakers, WiFi, GPS, cameras, microphone touchpad and even gyroscope that senses and detects head tilts. It has also provided a tiny screen that shows all the information whenever we need at our fingertips.


Follow my Command – Team has uplifted the hardware by providing voice input, which makes the whole gadget commendable by placing an in-built microphone along with Google Now which connects you directly to search engine. Voice input also allows dictating text messages, attaching videos and pictures and sending it through your mobile data connection without having to remove your phone from your pocket. This feature gave direct access to the many app development companies to create relevantly meaningful applications.


Will find my way – As Google glass is integrated with GPS chip it helps us to navigate as it gets connected to Google maps. There’s no need to trace your path on your smart phone screen, a as it will be displayed in front of your eyes in glass screen, and it will be very handy while driving. Trekkers, cyclists, tourists and hikers will not have to waste time in stopping and checking the routes which can lead their destinations. All will be available on screen, which is just a blink away.






Languages are no more barriers – With the help of Google glass now tourists will no more require those translation books, glasses will help to translate into local language of any particular place. We can also know the currency rate and can also know the measurement system, and it can also translate your questions and their answers on the spot. This will provide an unprecedented opportunity to the app development companies to create Google glass applications based on regional language.


Flexible OS – Google glass hasn’t restricted its boundaries for the OS, it can work with Android as well as iPhone. Glass isn’t solely dependent on GPS but it can also be connected with Wi-Fi and mobile connectivity. When paired with a smart device, it exhibits social networking notifications and lets you communicate.


Google glass will minimize the one of the most tedious task, i.e. removing the phone from your pocket; as this glass provides a splendid screen that can perform operations just by your blink and by your voice.

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