Google has unleashed the unlimited opportunities for IoT by connecting brillo and weave


Google has unleashed the unlimited opportunities for IoT by connecting brillo and weave

Some years back, the concept of exchanging conversation or even data files for that matter, used to sound like a dream sequence. Communication facility was there since quite a century yet, to actually witness the next person while conversation, it was also mere a concept. So for all of those concepts, which once used to get perceived impossible for a layman, held true eventually with immense efforts of the teams working over them. The process is extremely complex of bringing a concept to the phase of reality and the same takes vast time.



Since we are talking about the concepts which have taken a leap to the future, there is one concept which has always been kept the innovators on toes and overwhelmed the rest of the world. The said concept is none other than the Internet of Things (IoT). A loop of interconnected gadgets as well appliances was something unbelievable once upon a time. The area in which we had nothing more than some bricks and stoned, has finally stepped forward to the real world.





Be it a software giant or a handset honcho, all those organizers have been chasing the concept for years and the list includes Microsoft, Apple, Google, Samsung etc. And the positive aspect about the matter is that all of them have tasted the success in their respective pursuit. On that note, we are going to zoom into the progress of Google’s Brillo and its connection with the Weave.



Back in June this year Google has announced its latest endeavor with IoT by converging weave and Brillo together. The teams behind Android and Chrome have been actively contributing over the same concept since long. Basically Brillo is an operating system for IoT while Weave is a communication platform. Bringing both of them together, make an incredible connection amongst the gadgets and appliances placed in the home, from a fridge to the oven.





The task which Brillo undertakes is, providing the swift and streamlined software development to the concerned hardware, with an embedded OS based on Android, a developer kit, a developer console and core services. App development companies can utilize this kit and console to develop an IoT based applications. Highly customizable alternatives are open to you and diversified hardware capabilities are available to go with. Once you have created the connected device, that’s where the Weave jumps into the picture as a connected device requires to make the communication to execute the task and Weave enables the device to communicate by a platform.



Weave delivers messaging facilities which allow the phones to talk with multiple devices and give them commands as well. With the help of Weave cloud server, you can access and remotely communicate with devices excellently. 

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