Google play store: a digital arena where following few aspects may earn the precedence for your application


Google play store: a digital arena where following few aspects may earn the precedence for your application

It’s been a long while, since we have learnt to align our websites in the best way possible to accomplish 1st page landing an eventually top of the list. In the pursuit of getting in top position, some ways have been discovered, which were both organic and inorganic in nature. By the time elapsed, the bombarding SEO practices have led into the situation where, the digital accomplishment of increasing visitors and views has been turning rock hard.


Speaking of the cut throat competition, SEO is not the only arena where to, attract the traffic has become the burning question. The Google play store is almost following the trail of its own search engine in terms of immense competition. According to recent stats, Google play store is crowded with a massive 1.6 and still counting. Since there is no restriction for new entrants, the app development companies tend to keep launching their apps with their all might. In this scenario, to keep your download running, an appropriate strategy is highly required. There are following aspects, by considering which you can garner the optimal outcomes for your apps.





The Visuals are like vitamins for your applications; keep them updated with fascinating design and icons. A well designed application packed with sophisticated icon is more likely to be selected by android users. When we say visuals, it comprises each and every single component where you manifest your creative element and screen shots and preview videos of your application are not an exception from that. Screen shots and app videos of the application are a window for your potential users, from where they can have the glimpse through the application, which you are exhibiting. Hence, app development companies ought to ensure about displaying the screen shots and videos including multiple elements which your application is providing.








Though tracking every minute data like clicks and other relevant details are not accurately available at any authorized channel, via trial & error implication you can improve your applications substantially. Whilst, promoting your app over conventional platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Tumbler, do not neglect Google plus. It’s been observed that the application with more +1s has certainly got an added advantage in organic ranking, thus use the Google plus login which is assigned to your app and make the most of it.


When it comes to improving your ranking in the app store, there are certain micro aspects, bring the ranking higher if they are optimized accordingly. Those micro factors involve the number of ratings along with value in terms of star, Number of downloads, hike in downloads within last 30 days, webpage backlinks to your app, Usage frequency and rate of uninstall. All these aspects put together in a more systematic way, would make your app unstoppable in terms of ranking as well as downloads. Contact us for the best mobile application development on any platform and get your free quote now.

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