Google Play will now allow you to “Pre-Register” the upcoming apps and games!


Google Play will now allow you to “Pre-Register” the upcoming apps and games!

Can't wait for a brand new App on Google play? If you are eagerly waiting for any Android app and game and you are afraid that you are going to forget about it after a month or so than you just don't worry now because Google has come up with the ultimate solution of it. According to various reports, Google has introduced an advanced feature called “Pre-Register” an upcoming app on Google Play. This unique feature is both for new apps and upcoming games.


The process for pre registration of any upcoming app and games is very easy. You just have to click that tiny “Pre register”button on the page of the app or game which is not out yet in Google Play. Once that app and game is released, your Android device will get notification that the pre registered item is available to download now.




It is necessary to make a note that this pre registration process is just to notify the loyal users about the up comings. We can say its kind of notification system. You are not bind to download the app you have register when it is available in the store, that surely depends on your preferences. By introducing this feature, Google just want to make sure that it's valuable users do not miss on anything they are interested in or something they hear about.


As of now it is a very recent announcement, it is unclear that for which App and games this feature is applicable but at this point we just have to trust them for further announcements. We have a confirmed news that the first game which is going to have this honor is “Terminator Ganisys: Revolution”, the game which has not any fixed released date or price, although the game page has every other information you might want to know (The video, screen shots and the description).


This feature will also help the AppDevelopmentCompanies to know how many people are might going to download and how to plan to promote it more effectively. This way they can assure their users at certain level. So many Apps initially get available on Apple App store so by this pre register system Android developers can notify users that it will be announced soon. An effective way to communicate with users Indeed! There is only one drawback is that there is no fixed release date or price will be mentioned so you will have to wait for that App.

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