Google’s AngularJS 2.0 will take the developers to the trail of futuristic creations


Google’s AngularJS 2.0 will take the developers to the trail of futuristic creations

There are plenty of open source frameworks exist in the digital development industry at the moment. The web development and app development companies around the world are optimizing each of them as per their convenience.


The purpose of open source frameworks is to assist the digital development procedure to create web applications or websites. They facilitate with flexibility in code reuse, organizing session, libraries to access database. To name a few, Django, Symphony, Cakephp, Ruby on Rails, etc are highly deployed frameworks.


Each of the frameworks has their own set of approach for creating website and applications like some of them provide core techniques while some deals with UI and UX. They get updated frequently, to cope up with the highly dynamic digital environment and deliver cutting edge performance for web apps.



Back in 2009, internet emperor Google launched AngularJS an open source framework when the web development was growing with medium pace. The same framework after tremendous buzz and years of constant efforts, has made available in this August. It’s actually a collaborative endeavour of Brat Tech, Google and community of developers, to put the web application into whole new orbit.


The Single-page application is what Angular is focusing to improve, as it becomes quite difficult for app development companies to create a single-page application. To streamline the development process for the same along with improvised testing are the objectives Angular carries and to be able to do so, it felicitates with framework for Model View Viewmodel (MVVM) and Model View Controller (MVC) architecture. Apart from that, it provides with immensely useful components which can be utilized to make high end web applications.


The release of AngularJS 2.0 is highly anticipated and currently passing through the testing phase. Developers are expecting a big change in the upcoming version and it is believed to be extremely mightier than its predecessor. AngularJS 2.0 will make big alterations in few concepts of Angular 1.x which are Directive Definition Objective, angular.module, Controllers, jqLite etc.





The latest framework is written in ES6 including types and annotations which enables the Angular 2 to garner great advantages from JavaScript along with smooth and simple code maintenance. The modular library design and mobile oriented routing of latest Angular version will support in keeping the app’s code slick so that the user gets frictionless app experience even in low bandwidth.


Cross-device support, material design UI along with responsive components, Optimum memory utilization, etc. are few of the goodies which Angular JS 2.0 will deliver. All these features are efficient enough to make the next Angular version a future-proof open source framework. Hire Developers for your Angular JS 2.0 updation. The best development across the world by App Development Companies. Contact us for your free quote on any Mobile App Development.

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