Google's New Self Driving Car- Know how it is possible


Google's New Self Driving Car- Know how it is possible

Google has newly disclosed the details on its self-driving cars project. After high testing within Google Yard, these cars are presently being fully tested out on the roads. Yes, It Sounds exciting.





The big question is that how is this possible!

Let’s take a look at Seven great technologies making this possible.


1. Laser Range Finder:



The main part of Google’s self driving car is the revolving roof top camera or Lidar, which is a laser range finder.

With its group of 64 laser joist, this camera makes 3D images of things helping the car see risks along the way.This device counts how far a thing is from the moving vehicle depend on the time it takes for the laser joist to hit the thing and come back. These lasers can count distance and make images for things in an exciting 200m range.


2. Front Camera for Near Vision:



A camera attached above the windshield which takes care of helping the car see things right in front of it. These add the constant assumes- hikers and other tourists.

This camera also catches and records all information about road signals as well as traffic lights, which is brilliantly understood by the car’s in-built software.


3.Bumper Attached Radar:


4 radars attached above the car’s front and back bumpers enable the car to be awake of vehicles in front of it and also behind it. The radar sensor on the car’s bumpers controls a digital eye on the car ahead.

The software is programmed to maintain a distance of 2-4 seconds facing the car ahead of it.So with this technology, the car will automatically speed high or slow depending on the behaviour of the car along.

Google’s self driving car use this technology to conduct passengers and other tourists safe by averting bumps and hits.


4. Airy that Reads actual Geo-Location:


The car’s GPS navigation unit works with the sensors to help the car localise itself.

But GPS evaluates may be off by different metres as signal confusions and other interferences from the atmosphere.

When the vehicle moves, It's internal map is upgrade with new information displayed by the sensors.


5. Sensors on Rear Wheels:


These sensors are already in action in some of the technologically forwarded cars of today.Cars that provide automatic Reverse Park Assist technology apply like sensors to help navigate the car into quicks reverse parking spots.

Generally, these sensors get activated when the car is matched in the reverse gear.


6. Synergistic merging of Sensors:


All the data congregated by these sensors is assembled and interpreted together by the car’s CPU or in-built software system to make a safe and relax driving experience.



7. Programming Real Life Road Action:


Google engineers have programmed some real life actions in this car.

Whenever the vehicle does slow down to permit other peoples to go next, Specially in 4 way crossing a road, the car has also been programmed to advance next if it marks that the other vehicles are not moving.


Google’s self-driving car is not here still, But all these technology surely do make it very exciting. So all the information above give you the broader idea about it and aware of the technology used in it. Hyperlink Infosystem is one of the top app development companies in India and waiting for exploring more areas of app development, even for a car app development. Although we have the best android, windows and iPhone app developers so we create the best apps for your business or whatever. Contact us for more details.

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