Growth in android Applications : Know it's Current and Upcoming Scenarios along with some Predictions


Growth in android Applications : Know it's Current and Upcoming Scenarios along with some Predictions

Did you know that the normal person locks and unlocks their smartphone almost 100 times in a day Now It is right to say that we are completely addicted to the computer in our pants, but where did it all start?


In this article, we will examine the past, present and future of smartphones and android apps and how smartphones and these apps have developed over new years.




Epic time of Smartphones:



Today is smartphone time , now, we walk around easily, if we expecting on our phones not just to stay in touch with friends and family but also to show us where to go, what to do, and how to do it.


The most private events seem to circumambulate only on our smartphones. Companies such as Apple, HTC, Samsung etc. are starting the smartphone technology so hard that modern smartphones with excellent pace and more features are becoming out every year.


The smartphones now provided with high-end processors, expensive storage resources, touch screen, multiple sensors with interesting human interface and different network bonding capabilities.


The ability of such smartphones can be similar to low-end private computers.


The perfection of smartphones indicates that the smartphone market is going to grow faster and faster.



So Now let’s catch a look on android applications objected below.



Android App development:


Android is a name that was created by Google Inc. because it is an O.S. which is able of running different app programs at a time.


It is a total change in the mobile technology trade after iPhones. Android is an open-source software. Google Inc. first obtained it In 2005. Android’s mobile OS is essentially based on an elevated version of the Linux kernel.


Android apps once developed, can be packaged simply and sold out.


It is the highest installed base of any mobile platform and developing quick.


Each day almost 1 million unique Android devices are initiated worldwide.


Now if we speaking about the latest version of android, android start its new version Marshmallow.



Android Marshmallow is visually related to its foregoer, Lollipop, in many way.


Google’s Material Design language is presently more proliferous than ever ahead But still Marshmallow does have some variation in plausibility and unique features.


Fingerprint sensors are the different features in Marshmallow, though many companies, like Samsung, HTC, One Plus, Oppo etc, have been utilizing fingerprint sensor in their smartphone for quite some time, Google is making fingerprint sensor support one with Android 6.0.


Android pay is an NFC based payment method and the major contender for Samsung pay and apple pay. Android Pay requires an NFC provided terminal for sets up.


Now it is clear that Android Applications are simple to apply and mostly open for easy so if we look into it , we can say that these applications have a take over iOS applications and iOS platform.


In short, Android applications are running to design the new mobile computing time with Google by all these latest updation in future.


So you understand all the scenarios about android app development with top app development companies . Still if you have any questions contact us now to resolve it.

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