How can an Apple iWatch save your life?


How can an Apple iWatch save your life?

 Do you know Apple iWatch can predict heart attacks?



 What your iWatch can provide you? Notifications of your calls, emails, chat messages and other social network updates? Reminders or whether updates? Well, yes the list is definately long but there is one more very important and a life saviour feature has been introduced by Apple which will blow your mind. What if your iWatch can provide you the notification when you are going to have a heart attack? Yes, take a moment to be happy about it.

Apple is emphasising heavily on fitness and health related features which will provide access a ton of personal health data to the users daily. The user's health and specially heart will be monitored by the Apple made softwares and sensors with optoelectronic technology which evaluate heartbit rates and blood level from the body. This also includes other health realated notification such as intimation about your sugar level or blood pressure etc., It is enough to give an attach when your iWatch displays something like "Hey buddy, you are going to have a heart attack" but don't get panic because you can have your precautions and survive a heart attack.

Although this is all in planning and developing stage. If this is going to be discovered and applied than Apple may have many competitors like Fitbit, Jawbone and Nike which are providing similar features in their watches.

This function of giving health notification will definately increase the survival of the patients who are going to have heart attacks and decrease the annual death rate of people who die with the heart attack.


This whole technology and sensors are attached with the scientific process of our body when blood makes sound when it tries to pass through a blocked heart artery or vein. The sensor will predict the heart attack by the same sound which blood makes. The technology they are going to use is optoelectronic which will source and detect the blood pressure which will be controlled by a light. This blood pressure and oxygen level tracks by an activity known as pulse oximetry. These Pulse Oximetors utilise red and cardinal LEDs to forecast how much oxygen is being carried in the hemoglobin. Other ECG and EKG are being take after attaching so many diodes in a body but this is possible by wearing an Apple iWatch in a very easier and faster way.


 Apart from Apple there are so many other brands are coming with this concept including Google's " Google Glass, Nike's "FuelBand" and Samsung's "Galaxy Gear". The release date for the iWatch is yet to be annoced. The Apple lover will hope to wear it real soon.

App Development Companies will be happy to provide services relates to Apple iWatch App development and would be grateful to save many lives.

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