How many Versions of iOS should my Mobile Application support?


How many Versions of iOS should my Mobile Application support?

As a developer, we are always looking to take benefit of the latest technologies.


Every new version of Apple's IOS introduces new APIs that give us the capacity to do beautifully new things within our apps, but the balance lies in holding this new technology while still supporting an established user base.


We usually try to think how many versions of iOS our apps need to mark because the total goal is to introduce new functionality although supporting the best number of users.


When we trying to resolve which iOS versions my apps will target, There are three basic things, first take into account are an app complication, high assumption rate, and also selective feature offerings.



Let's define it in detail,


App Complications:


There are many questions like will my app need to take advantage of the latest technologies?

What if my app comprises firstly of table views and does not even depend on network connectivity?

What if I only plan to current a web view and a some labels and buttons?

If I am following the principle Keep it simple and I don't plan on doing anything cutting border, then I could fairly support different basic versions of iOS since most of the prior features have been around since the starting.


High Adoption Rate:


Apple's devices are not broken in the way that many challengers’ devices are because Apple handles both the operating system as well as the hardware it runs on.

As a solution, there are really just two things that keep iOS users from upgrading: unless the hardware is plenty old to stop the upgrade, and users themselves select not to.

This clear updates path results in a new operating system acceptance rate that is extremely high.

Different sources claim that this year's release of iOS 9.2 reached over 70% assumption within a month's time, extremely faster than that of iOS 9.






Selective feature offerings:


If we need to add few best newer ability, I can always select to code them in for newer devices and clean them out for previous ones.


The question is, Want to use the latest software development kit but support previous operating systems?

Only set the deployment target to a prior version with just one setting and test for similarity in the different simulators.

It is really very easy to offer new features to those devices that can support them and choicely filter out features for devices running prior versions of the OS.





Many times, the compiler will aware us if we effort to compile a feature that is not suitable with the specified the target.


This approach we can still use the latest features and together support prior and new operating systems.For more information about feature offerings for your apps contact top app development companies India as well as other companies from across the world.


No matter what your framework is, we sure about that your app maybe support the latest two or three versions.

To making apps, Sounds like easy but the most important question is that how many versions should your apps support, that time u have no answer.

Basically, these all are possible by skillful developers and our company has best app developers. Hire best iPhone app developers by app development companies. Contact us to make finest applications for your business.

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