How Much Does it Cost to develop an App


How Much Does it Cost to develop an App

App Development has become a potential and promising industry with seemingly infinite growth. Mobile apps have become much more united and utilized into our day to day lives. Many App Development companies are there in the market to compete for this role to serve the best of them in across the world. At Hyperlink Infosystem, we are in the business of attaching and linking people with the unique concept and proposals for Mobile Apps with knowledgeable and skillful App developers. In this approach, we are asked tons of questions about mobile app development and web development. And without any doubt, the most frequent question we are asked is “How much does it cost to design or develop an app?”

So yeah the popular question, what does it cost to develop a mobile application? This question is quite similar to “how does it cost to buy a house, gadget or a car. Well we all know it depends on what gadget or car you wanna buy. It always depends on it's design, features & functionality, technology used in it etc. So the answer is very similar for an app development. But still we can give you a rough idea on the cost of an app development.


Steps to estimate the cost of your mobile App.

Step 1: First of all it depends on following devices.




4.Windows Phone

5.Universal Device

The choice of devices will always depend on the users for which he/she want to develop an App. Different users will target their respective apps for their devices. This is probably not the accurate way to decide which platform to target. We would definitely like to have much more detailed information from you but to give rough idea you need to choose the platform you want to focus and than we can discuss the further specifications of your App.

Step 2: Choose the following platform for your App.

  1. Hybrid Application

  2. Native Application

This is a vicious topic to discuss amongst the developers, whether to develop a Hybrid App or a Native App for your mobile and it also take much more time tha we can explain here.

To keep this part effortless and easy, and this is to simplify the choice between the above two let us give you some brief Idea. Hybrid App is usually is quick to develop numerous platforms, and somewhat low-priced, but it doesn't fulfill the estimated and assumed requirements in terms of inner look & feel, or performance. Native App has its own charm. So the estimation will be depending upon your selection.

Step 3: Choose the size of your App.

We know that its very difficult to measure the size of your app because it is always depended upon description and specifications of you app. So that's why the terms Small, medium and Large is impressionistic. But still to make it easy let's do this way.

  • If your application is of 1 to 5 pages, your app will be Small.

  • If your application is of 6 to 20 pages, your app will be Medium.

  • If your application is more than of 20 pages, your app will be Large.

Again this will be completely depended upon features and functionality you give for your App. For Example: If your App is of five pages and there are so many functionality in their than perhaps it won't be counted as a small App.

Step 4: Choose the User Interface you want for your application

User interface is always referred to how the look and the feel of the App is and it depends on the customization of the App. The more customization added to the user interface and user confront of the App, the more attractive and flawless it will look, and the users will enjoy the app more.

There are Three kinds of user interface.

  • Standard control

  • Slightly Customized

  • Fully Customized

Step 5: Would you like to add graphics to your App?

Next part to be taken into the consideration while making an App is to decide whether you want to create the app Graphics or not. To differ from another apps available in the market, the use of multiple graphics is required. The charges will be decided to every individual graphics based on the device you choose so they don't seem to be out of place and looks perfect.

So to sum up, we need to design every sized graphic on the basis of the selection of each platform (iOS, Android etc.,) so the visual effects of each design on each devices seems exemplary.

Step 6: Whether you want to add an icon or not:

Some points should be taken into consideration while designing an Icon. Again icons are made based on the type of device and the platform you choose because the resolution is going to be totally different at different platforms and devices. A common icon for everything is not at all advisable. We don't want your App icon looks chaotic and disarranged so charges will be different for each sized icon.

Step 7: Do you want your app to store data or integrate the existing data?

If you want to make an App which stores the external data like information of user (Name, chat history etc.) or some audio or video files than little bit extra cost will be there.

Same as if you want integrate existing data such as different website data or stored data than another cost will be added.

Step 8: Which login style you want for your App?

In this modern designs of login system there are two types:

  1. Username & Password: This is simpler type of a login system where you ask the user their username and password which would be created by them and once they enter the same in your fields they will be able to enjoy the other App features.

  1. Login with Social Media: This design is kind of fancy and popular login system that can be added which will allow the user to login with their another social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc.,).

You can also choose the both option to give the users more benefits through your App.

Step 9: Using 3rd Party APIs in your Application.

3rd Party APIs is one of the crucial feature in any App and one of the important too. Now a days every App has this essential feature to magnify the experience of any App. So after the selection some more cost will be added in the estimation of your App.

Step 10: Would you like the users to rate your App?

Rating is one of the very important tool to know the success of your App or to improvise for better. It will give you the number how many users have liked it or disliked it which will give you either encouragement and confidence or it will increase the chances to take the App to another new level. Future improvements will help you to increase the overall ranking of your app by this feature. So if you want us to add this functionality in your App than some cost will be added.

Step 11: Would you like to add In App Payments?

In App payments will be very useful for your users to get extra functionality of your App and it is also useful to you to gain some more revenue from the App. In App payments can eliminate the blocks to enjoy another supreme inbuilt functionality. If you will invest in this App, you can get better ROI.

Step 12: Would you like to have tab on App analytic?

Every App owner would love to know some useful information about the users. So as this function will help to give information about demographics of your app users, such as:

  1. Where are they from: Now this will help you to know which region of the world is using your app more and this will assist you to know the taste of different users around the world.

  2. How frequently they use your App: Again beneficial to know how many times your app is being used and for what reason. And if people are not using it much you may come to know the reason and can improve.

Above is the just glimpse of the usefulness of this functionality. It can give you much much more.

Step 13: Would you like to put additional security in your App?

It is very basic, simple yet much important feature that you can add in you App. Security will help you to safeguard your sensitive data of your Application. Every App Development companies will advise you to choose this so as we.


Apart from these steps we would also like to give you rough idea on the cost of different types of following Apps:

  1. The cost of Static or Informative App starts from $500**

  2. There is another type of App and that is Business Apps(Fitness Calculator App, Social Networking App, Taxi Booking App etc.,) with Dynamic features . The cost of these Apps starts from $1000**

  3. The cost of innovative and 100% customized App is totally depended upon your requirements.

** All the cost depend upon the functionality added by you. The more the functionality, the more the cost will be.

Above functionality and features are the rough idea to make an Application and to give you an idea that how much will it cost to make an App. This will also help us before we jump into designing and making your app. Above questions were definitely generic and to refine the cost we will take detailed and specific requirements from you to give you the best class service from our side. Hyperlink Infosystem is one of the matchless and desirable App Develop Companies which will give you the ultimate experience and mobile applications and web applications.

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