How the data and the OS has made way for this generation smartphones


How the data and the OS has made way for this generation smartphones

In today’s tech savvy era mobility is core factor which has brought a significant revolution to the humanity. By its sheer nature of advancement, the technology has driven us to the phase in which smartphones are no longer considered as a utility object, they have become more of a detachable organ of ours which live with us around the clock. These living things have got operating systems as their souls.


The OS is the nexus between user and device and make the screen take certain actions on predefined commands. The OS has also streamlined the tasks and as eventually the smartphones were getting adopted around the world, it triggered the necessity of the multi-dimensional OSs. Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Firefox OS, Tizen OS, Ubuntu Touch OS are those illustrious evidences of drastic enhancement in Operating system which have provided amazing versatile features to the Smartphone users.


The Data works for a gadget as the blood does for the body. It comprises the vital elements through which smartphones can finely work. No device can work without inbuilt data. Apart from that, the utility of data in a sort of device is indescribable. We can perform data mining on raw data, we can use data for forensic investigation, and we can optimize it for innumerable analysis and can extract the insightful output. Well refined and analysed data opens the gateway of immense opportunities. For instance, app development companies use the data of relevant application’s performance and its reach which ultimately provide those app development companies with vital information towards creation of their app.




Data backed with an Operating System brings the smartphones to the life; both data and operating system go hand in hand. OS is controller; it manages all the inbuilt data and the input data send by users in Smartphone applications. The term “Data” does not signify the text only; it is an amalgamation of Images, Audio, Video and so many other elements. Extremely large datasets generated from any application is called Big Data, this Big Data plays vital role as it is utilized to understand trends and patterns and through this analysis we can envisage the smartphone users’ behavior regarding the product or services. And when it comes to smart phone, all the management of such data is taken care by the OS of the device.


Thus, Operating System and Data are immersed into each other quite strongly, as both of them serve the common motives which are, to achieve maximum user satisfaction and advancement of the smartphones. And so far, both of them have contributed magnificently in development of any device or technology. With the rise of smartphone counts around the globe, the datasets are increasing exponentially. The unfathomable size of data is being processed with the few tools available in the market as the experiments are going on at the moment, to make them more feasible. 

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