How to create eagerness even before your App is launched?


How to create eagerness even before your App is launched?

Building an mobile App needs a lot of time and hard work. Now you have created a killer App, it's time to wait for the downloads and watch your hard work turn into a great success. Isn't it? Well, is it that easy? I think “No”. Whenever you plan to launch any App, a focused Marketing buzz has to be created before and after launching your App. Absolute marketing and promotion of your App will always give you a better chance to touch a newer heights. Pre-launched marketing is always a great idea not only to retain crucial time for sales but also to forecast the sales. It is definitely a strategic thinking as far as marketing is concerned.


Let's have look at some statistics first:


  • Developers who spend on an average 14% of their time to market their Apps are the top earners and on other side developers who spend 5% of their time are not the top earners.



Your own app surely is similar to any business and it needs a marketing strategy as any other businesses need. Here are some tips to kick off your marketing drive.

1) Be a content creation machine:

creating and sharing relevant and useful content to entice, acquire and engage a focused targeted audience is an excellent idea to spread awareness about your App before launching. It will create a valuable buzz among your customer for your App to get fair downloads when the App is live. Here are some useful ways to create buzz through the content.


      # Create a product video and show them what you have got:

Creating a video having some important content will give visual experience to your customer. Decide how you want to make it attractive. Whether you want to keep it simple by adding visuals and music only or want to narrate a story in your video. Whatever you do add the screen shots of your App that shows the uniqueness and functionality of your App. Videos are always create more impression than any images or just statics. Adding a spark of your App or notable details about the development process will add some appealing value and attract the users more.


# Go Blog way:

Blogging is one way to update your users on a regular basis. It showcase your company's brand, services, products and progress. The key to create a successful impact through blogging is consistency. Regular blogging will hold your users and and they will be updated with all the upcoming products of your company. Search engines like fresh and new content. You can set up Google Alerts by using different keywords related your upcoming app to stay on current trending topics which will definitely create buzz among your users.


# Email Engaging:

After setting up your place on a lead capture page or landing page to gather emails from your potential users, you need to reach out to them. This is very much possible by engaging them through emails having interesting and attractive content of your App. This content includes updates of your upcoming Apps, release dates, new blogs, promo codes to download your app or any other unique information related to your App. Use any DIY email designing tool to make brand emails which will definitely tempt your loyal users.


# Be a part of social discussions:

To get any notifications of web, stating your App or any keyword related to your App, sign up for Google Alerts. Scan and surf different App forums, Quora discussions, blogs and any other crowdsourcing websites. When you see any question directly or indirectly related your App or any problems that your app solves- Answer it! Be sure that you disclose about your App and company while commenting and make sure that you don't sound like a sales pitch.



2) Design a sleek landing page with countdown to launch:

How would your users know about your App when your App is not yet in the App store? It a “landing page” which will spread the awareness among the users. It is one of the most important ways to pre market your App. Your landing page should be following things.

Keep it simple, clean and minimal. Just add the core points into the page.

Considering the countdown of your App, be sure about the release date. Add the content which attract the traffic to your App page. Dont forget to include contact details for any questions and suggestions.

Include the details of the benefit that your App will provide to the users with eye catchy designs or videos. Make it sharable to all other social media sites.


3) Design a stunning App icon:

Your App icon is the first impact to your users. Make sure that it is clean, bring the purpose of your App out, and it makes a difference from the competition. Design your App icon in a way that it catches the eyes of viewers. If you have any specific color, texture, figure or shapes, include it in your App icon design.


4) Prepare an App description and more for App store:

Make a description for your App in Advance which will appear on the App store page. In Apple store they will allow your to include only few lines before “More” button but in Google play store, the allow you a small paragraph for your app details. In both of them, make sure that it is captivating enough for users to press that “more” button and explore more about your App.


App Development Companies hope that above suggestions will help you the get through the all pre marketing hacks and you rock the App store by the successful launching of your App. Feel free to contact us to create any Apps for your business.

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