Instant Services on Motorbike!Is it true?Yes,it's totally true, Uber's new service,Ubermoto: Everything you should know about it


Instant Services on Motorbike!Is it true?Yes,it's totally true, Uber's new service,Ubermoto: Everything you should know about it

Without any question, 2016 is a development year for on demand.What you think have top app development companies entered the peaking point?

Will this year on demand give its ability? Watching at the Uber’s trajectory that begins in 2009, single could simply understand that being the fact.





After UberEATS, UberRush and UberChopper, the on-demand service provider begins with just two wheels on-demand service with starting a motorbike on-demand service, where taxis are already lead to weakened the city’s atrocious traffic and go from A to B quicker.


The base charge of Uber’s new on-demand service is $0.30 and $0.10 per km or $0.025 one minute.

It is attainable within the current Uber app as a unique service.






According to the company, UberMoto service is specifically produced for centers in emerging markets where overbuilding is great.


However, it appears to probable that UberMoto may be increased to the different cities and countries across time.

Freshly, Uber has covered an auto-rickshaw navigator that shows Uber does not consider starting each service in the broad ways.


It is an exciting to notice a large demand for motorbikes on-demand extreme of Thailand.



How UberMOTO Works?






Start your Uber application and select the UberMOTO choice.

Now, open your pickup section and payment system and demand a drive.


When your request has been received by a driver, you can see drivers’ all details like photo, name and motorbike’s details.

Motorbike drivers have known for a comprehensive screening methods, covering a police background note, same like uberX or UberBLACK.


As you know some city has precepts for motorcycle drivers to use a helmet, so UberMOTO operator will take one for you.


When you reached your goal, you have to make pay with cash or credit and receive an electronic receipt from the operator.


Protection Is the chief worry for Uber with UberMoto Service







Uber also has an awareness about security and so, it associated with the Thai police and source information, a section of the Don’t Drive Drunk association, who are preferring to use helmets on every motorbike.


Furthermore, Uber’s operator will take one helmet for passengers to use.

Uber also begins logistics service in Hong Kong and it newly continuing to grow alternate bus service.UberHop on Manila into the Philippines.


Uber also has begins cash payment benefit for those people, who do not have a credit card.






This is a sure move by Uber with this motorbikes in Asia.

So we have seen uber's latest service Ubermoto. Obviously, Uber will publish new and new services. Our app developers also make the latest application on your demands and budgets. contact us now.

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