Is that for real, fantasy or am I just dreaming it?


Is that for real, fantasy or am I just dreaming it?

Virtuality’ is a kingdom of unlimited possibilities. It enables you create your own world with no rules and no constraints are applied. The drive has which begun a few year ago with mere an imagination, more like a movie plot, is finally hitting the surface as from the big league organization to special purposed firms, entire IT world is behind this technology called Virtual Reality.


App development companies can affix their stand in domains like Gaming and Entertainment sector. These two sectors can leverage the company’s economy and can boost the exposure of their applications to mass audience. Gaming and Entertainment Sector are most user oriented sectors.


Gaming sector has gained immense user interaction, they have involved users in games to such an extent that people are now living in the gaming world. This is possible with the help of rich sensory functionalities i.e. Bio sensing, it’s a way of detecting a person’s presence in a game. These are minute sensors which are attached to a data glove, suit or even the body and record movements made by that person in a 3D space. For example: you wear a data glove which has sensors attached to it. You wear this as part of a driving game. These sensors record the way your hand moves as part of this game, say, when turning the steering wheel in a particular direction.


Another sector, which has created a major place in users’ daily routine is Entertainment Sector. Virtual museums, Interactive Exhibitions, Galleries, Theaters, Virtual theme parks, Discovery center, etc. all these interactive Virtual programs have defined a new meaning of Entertainment. User interaction has attracted a mass audience towards this sector. For instance a historical building in which the member of the public can view the building at different angles. Plus, they are able to walk through this building, visiting different rooms to find out more about how people lived at that particular time in history.






Apart from Google, Samsung has also set its benchmark in the VR world. Samsung Gear VR is a brilliant product; most amazing feature about it is, it’s portable and wireless.  A plug and play system powered by Samsung Smartphone’s that easily clips into the headset. Its resolution and viewing angle is dependent on the Smartphone that’s being used.


HTC has also exhibited tech savvy users with wonderful headset. HTC has collaborated with Valve which is one of the renowned magnate in the gamming sector to create a virtual reality headset with opulent resolution. It’s a device that is heavily geared towards gaming and includes a gyro sensor apparently offering the best head movement tracking. It provides amazing 3D experience in the digital world.


Sony Project Morpheus is also among popular headset gears, but only a fact that might be framed this device as disadvantage is, it’s solely compatible with PlayStation4 as the engine. But on the other side, it provides a thrilling experience in high speed games and so far it’s the only one that has multi player functionality.


Variety of headset gears are available in the digital world, now it’s time for App development companies to integrate these devices with distinct and mind blowing apps. VR has wiped out all the boundaries, top app development companies now can grab the opportunity to the fullest and can come up with applications that can enhance user interaction and one which can provide a thrilling experience. 

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