Is WordPress the best option to be chosen for CMS?


Is WordPress the best option to be chosen for CMS?

If you are stuck up in a situation where you want to startup with your own Blog spot though starting up as your hobby or profession and if you are in dilemma to select the best hosting website then just relax ..! WordPress is one -stop alternative when it comes to Content Management system.


If someone is a newbie in the room of Blogging and website App development companies and if they are aware of the bit info of the WordPress then they might be pondering what is WordPress all about ? Well, it is like a broadcasting platform that is majority used for web and blog build up. It's an Open Source Content Management System that has thrived the people by August 2011.

WordPress is here to stay Long

As WordPress is considered as the King of CMS it holds around 50% of the share for Blogging and Website CMS technologies. It's benefits and Smooth features have made its popularity immensely in the people’s intellect that it has become difficult for the folks to switch over to some other platform.


WordPress : Best CMS alternative

The tools of WordPress facilitates us adding new blogs inside it as well individual pages of your site .Using highly rich-featured CMS like WordPress you can jot down your blogs and article in a format of WYSIWYG and can also attach some featured content like those of Video and Images.


As CMS allows us to separate Content and design it becomes quite easy for us to manipulate the appearance of your theme that eliminates need to modify the blog that you have created . Even the web app developers can prolong the existing functionality of the web and can widen it with the use of modules popularly known as “WordPress Plugins “.


WordPress is not alone in competition ..!

WordPress is not the solitary CMS that permits you to easily develop websites and blog sections rather there are other CMS available in the market which gives closer Competition to the WordPress meanwhile creating competition Scenario in development market .

Some of the Closest competitors of the WordPress are:

1) Drupal

2) Weebly

3) Joomla


Bottom line of the Crux : Why to choose WordPress as the best CMS alternative ?


Some of the big 3 that lets WordPress chosen as best alternative are :

1) For beginners, it's quite easy to install and maintain.

2) It is one of the best alternatives for small scale businesses and solitary bloggers as well who just want to be indulged in blogging rather than being getting the deadlock in technological circles of installation and tailored Solutions .

3) Third Reason is that you are trusting on an option that is being used by top bloggers as well tested by billion of people surrounding the globe that holds about 50 % share of the web area and is awarded as the best CMS option .


Wordpress is the huge platform that covers almost 25% of internet. Hope that now you are aware about wordpress benefits as CMS . Share us your thoughts and ask us your queries. We are just a call away . Contact us now.

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