It takes two to tango: Google and smart-gadgets


It takes two to tango: Google and smart-gadgets

We have witnessed revolutionary advancement in technology since past couple of years. And if we would to have an evidence of the rapidity of advancement, we should take a look over mobile industry which has progressed exponentially in multiple directions. Form a wire connected world to wireless word, from mere VGA camera to SLR range 24 megapixel cameras and innumerable alike aspects have changed the way we live today. There are companies which have been driving this change in the world and Google is one such name from the revolutionary league companies.



Though the company was capable of making the turnaround happen quite often, Google acquired Motorola and everything for Google and through that, for the rest of the world has changed tremendously. Since both the companies were sharing one sublime trait called innovation, together they have given us some really amazing devices such as nexus 6 2014, Moto 360 etc. Back in October 2014 Google sold everything attached with Motorola mobility to chines computer giant Lenovo apart from 2000 patents and a R&D team from the Motorola mobility. The team was actively working on the project Ara, the futuristic customizable on the go block smartphone.








The team has been merged with Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects groups which is at the moment working on a transformational project Tango. The futuristic project emphasizes on the device which can efficiently track down the 3D motion and projects a 3D model from the surrounding view. A tablet based on android OS possesses a motion tracking camera, an integrated depth sensor, a 2x computer Vision Processors and of course a 4MP camera. The tablet is said to be distributed by Google under the name of Project Tango Development Kit to the application development companies and individual developers as well. The project is considered to be one of the innovative virtual reality development of our time. Speaking of virtual reality, entire league of elite electronics organizations, is behind the thing known as ‘Virtual Reality’ around the world as this is going to be next destination and applicable in entertainment, education, medical, manufacturing and many more sectors.



Since all of those top notch electronic giants are running behind the aforementioned technology to bring it into reality for the public, what’s so special about Google except ‘it’s Google, The Google, after all’ and AN incredibly advanced team? Well, this question requires an in-depth observation of the ‘entities’ working over the project Tango. Yes, this time Google has chosen a different way and gathered the expertise around the world, in order to bring the concept into completely different orbit. Unity 3D, Bosch, open source Robotics Foundation, OmniVision, University of Minnesota MARS Lab etc. are only a few names from the actual contributing organizations. This sensational collaboration of ace companies has made the 3D motion capturing and mapping possible. Apart from the companies working over project Tango, app development companies across the globe through the development kit making their efforts, to bring the technology to the public.  

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