Know the basic steps which should be followed to create your


Know the basic steps which should be followed to create your

Nowadays, the mobile phones become the whole thing we can not live without. The entire world is mobile friendly presently and therefore, our website should be too.


Within last some year, we have seen a radical difference in the usability and value of mobile device. Peoples are using mobile devices more often than Desktops and Laptops to reach the internet.







But yet, there are too many web and app development companies which are giving very limited importance to get their website mobile friendly.


Those businesses, Google is giving very much attention to the mobile-friendliness of websites and this is the reason why Google has begins penalizing websites that are small mobile friendly.


Here are some simple steps which should be developed to create your WordPress website mobile friendly.


Mobile Friendly WordPress Theme:







Pick a theme which has a responsive design.


Because load speed is the most significant factor to be considered in creating a mobile friendly website and a responsive theme is a complete option to fix this issue.



Choosing a Right Hosting Service Provider:





If your hosting service provider gives you unreliable and late service than all your mobile friendly modifications are a completely loss.


Therefore, picking a hosting provider on the basis of price only will leave a poor impression in case of quality of service.



Content Customization:








Building a mobile-friendly content is another major as well as a significant thing.


A mobile friendly content should be simple to navigate by touch and should be surely viewable.


Some Tips for creating a content mobile-friendly:


Select larger font size

Add lots of whitespaces

Small headings

Make content scannable:-  break a text into the number of subtitles with subsections.

Place most valuable info on a page close to the top


Image Optimization:





Images are an essential part of your website. But sometimes these images can reduce the load time of your website which can affect its mobile-friendliness. Do plugins that work to optimize the load time of images to solve the problem.


Here are some of the great image optimization plugins to speed up your website:



EWWW Image Optimizer


CW Image Optimizer









After developing the mobile friendly optimization of your website first, test it. Check its performance on mobile devices, comprising its load time, navigation by the touch screen, text-size, and every other little aspect.


You can also test on Google’s testing tool to assess either Google views it as a mobile-friendly website or not. It can be the little time consuming or critical to make a website mobile-friendly. But it is an essential part which can enhance the impact of a website in the eyes of search engines.


It can improve your website’s chances to be noticeable on top Google results. Most importantly, it will deliver your website available to a large audience.


These all things can be done by only skillful WordPress developers. So you should Hire WordPress Developer from our company. Contact us now.

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