Know to play well with Google Play Store before diving into its ocean of application


Know to play well with Google Play Store before diving into its ocean of application

The launch of high-end feature-rich gizmos has made the way for the inception of whole new digital battle along with infinite arena. Simply put, it’s Android market back then, which has now established as Google Play. After outweighing the competition magnificently, Google have launched its own application market from where user with android OS in the mobile, can access and install the application from there with ease. Though the store is aged six years, the most appropriate ways to deploy the app has remained a mystery for app development companies.


The Android app market which was launched with mere 50+ applications, within a span of six years it has reached up to a gigantic 1.6 million number of applications. In case of app market, great number comes with great responsibility. That means, now the situation has arrived that, the applications have to put tremendous efforts to make the android users download their apps apart from the brilliant concept and fascinating UX & UI. Predominantly, it was quite enough to focus singularly on the quality of the application and somehow if app development companies were managed to hit the bull’s eye in terms of quality, that’s it, the rest was users used to take care of. Now that dynamics have changed thoroughly, as you get not less than few million apps to compete with, no matter which category you are fitting into.





To get most optimum outcome for your apps, let’s get embraced about some of the gimmicks, which can turn the odds in your favor. Speaking of gimmick, allow me, to introduced an old player in new ground, at your optimization, which is none other than ‘Keywords’ itself. Well, how could you ignore the most pioneered tool to cop up with any search! A bunch of rightfully placed keywords connected directly to your application, have the potentiality to rapidly boost your visibility to even 300%. Apart from Google keyword planner, there are some other tools as well which can let meet you the desired keywords backed with high visibility.


Another aspect which is also vital for your application is the title. App title is something, what should make sense, make things clear for the user to identify and to differentiate and most importantly, for play store search to categorize your app. Make the title tag as much as self explanatory and try to keep it short and straight to the point and get the download counts of your app churning swiftly.


After knowing some pre-launch aspects, now let’s get into an aspect which comes into picture once you go live. The aspect is all about review system which has high capacity to advance ratings for your app. Apart from raising the rating; a study quotes that, the genuine reviews of your users leaves impact more than 80% over the customers. So make an effective system to earn genuine reviews through your blogs, Facebook pages, twitter and Instagram account. The key to achieve positive reviews lies in the experience you deliver to your users in the form of application.  

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