New Apple watch update 1.01- What is it and how to get it?


New Apple watch update 1.01- What is it and how to get it?

The first ever update of Apple Watch is now available in the market. Yes that is quite quick. It is less than a month after Apple started selling the Apple iWatch to it's users. The most remarkable new features in the latest update is the support to 300 new emojis which was first updated in iOS 8.3, support for new languages and faster performance.



So if you are a Watch owner and want to update it in a simpler way kindly follow the steps below.


1) Initiate and launch the companion app on your pared iPhone. Only the paired iPhone will show side-on view of the watch on a black ground of the phone.


2) Select the "My watch tab" from the given view of the watch on your iPhone.


3) Tap to the option "General" and then select "Software update".


4) Ta-Da you are almost done. Now you just have to accept the update and make sure that your iPhone is charged more than 50% and your watch is in range of your iPhone.


The download will take around seven to 10 minutes and installation will take few more minutes.

So what can you expect from your updates iWatch?

Siri has been updated and it will give you the vocal notification of new updates and speak another new languages on the watch including Russian, Thai, Dutch, Turkish and many more. Which is the focus point of the new update. When you wakes your watch, your siri will also wake up with you and will be your companion the whole day long.

There are also new updates for fitness performances, indoor and out doors both. These fitness updates includes measuring calories for indoor and out door cycling, Distance and speed metrics of out door walking. One thing that hasn't change and that is its battery life. But the battery life of iWatch is seriously brilliant and it is the same reason why it is not changing with the update.

The is a crucial benefit for App Development Companies. Wondering what it is? Well it is the responsiveness of third party Apps which is a real good news for the developers too. The loading time of apps has been reduces. The quicker updates on the glances about weather check, currency and stock values, City map has been improved noticeably. The content of watch has been updated so over all a very nice first update both for Developers and users.

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