Smart devices are bringing the Internet of Things concept to the reality


Smart devices are bringing the Internet of Things concept to the reality

A device or to say an object, which get adjust conveniently in the palm and is capable of executing tasks like communication, data gathering, calculation, image capture and so many other tasks magnificently. It’s a matter of a decade, when such an object or device used to be the fantasy or part of the science fiction movie’s futuristic prop. The computer which used to fit into an entire desk has now arrived in a finger sized stick or a ‘raspberry’ sized object.


All of these concepts have transformed into reality today and have immersed into our daily life so incredibly that we see them as an extended of ours, which enable us to undertake innumerable activities. The Internet of Things (IoT) is one such concept, having potentiality to change the face of the earth, change the way millions of things working upside down. It is something which has already begun to bring forth the revolution in many ways, so let’s have a closer look through all of them.






The internet of things is the next gen technology works through connectibles and smart peripherals with backed with wireless internet. Initially smartphones introduced which are followed by tablets, smartwatches, smartbands and many such devices which allow users to access internet and perform certain tasks. Nowadays, smartphones are pre-installed with diverse sensors which intuitively deliver certain data pertaining to the activities of the user. The sensors list consists of light sensors, gyroscope, accelerometer, NFC and about few more such sensors which constantly trace the activities of the users and convert the data into the meaningful information comprehensively.


App development companies are confronting some serious challenges as, initially all they had to create apps for mere smartphones and tablets at max, now which reached to smartwatches, smartbands and many more smartwearables. With the help of NFC sensor given in smartphones can control multiple appliance and it contributes significantly in smarthome concept. Connected cars and Driverless car are just another IoT’s concept pertaining to the transportation sector. Connected car is the concept, in which multiple cars gets controlled by forming a nexus amongst them and in driverless car concept a car being remotely controlled through the internet of things or it can be self-controlled by robot or ‘intelligent assistant’.



In the medical sector, Internet of thing is going to optimized extensively for heart patients by fitting microchip into their heart valve which accurately sends every minute detail to the concerned doctor or observer, scientists are working in the direction to make it efficient enough to predict the threat of cardiac arrest well in advance. Governments of many countries have commenced the project of smart cities and some have already launched such smartly equipped cities like Singapore, South Korea, UAE etc. The quality of infrastructure which the smart cities are going to avail is above our imagination at the moment.  

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