Something in depth about your favorite "Google Glass"


Something in depth about your favorite "Google Glass"

Google has bestowed us with a unique world; it has and is providing us with everything which is just a click away. By its tremendous research and development in internet world, Google has brought a revolution in the Internet world. This has led to the time where, from toddlers to adults everybody is living in Google world.


Amongst the plethora of marvelous products, Google glass is an amazing techno gadget creation and the most advanced glasses made available to the public so far. The glass has an optical headed mountain display, which exhibits the information in smart phone like hands free format. Google glass has been integrated with amazing features like:






@ Touch pad: This feature lets the users to manipulate the device as it allows to swipe timeline like interface display on screen. Sliding towards the rear it shows current events such as weather information and if we slide to the fore it will display our historical events such as photos, call logs etc.



@ Camera: It has an amazing capability to capture photos and to record 720p HD videos.



@ Display: It provides LED illuminated display, which doesn’t intend to damage human eyes.





Google glass has provided immense opportunities for the app development companies, as Google glass applications are built by third-party developers. In March 2013 Google released Mirror API for app developers; with the help of this API they can develop glass based application. There are mind-blowing apps available on Google glass like:






@ Beer Compass app – Its beer directional compass, which provides a way to the nearest open bar.



@ Explore Nearby – It shows all Instagram photos that are captured around you. Just stroll down the streets and it will get refreshed automatically as you look through street walls.



@ WeBSurg – It provides surgical videos which contain surgery performed by world’s reputed surgeons. It provides educational content.



@ Whisbi Showroom – It’s an outstanding creation among apps , as it teleports online customers to a physical store or any place where your product is available in less than 5 seconds, regardless of what internet enabled device your customers are using.



@ DriveSafe4Glass app – If you have fallen asleep while driving, this app will wake you up, as it will detect that you are falling asleep with the help of Google glass sensors. Hence, this kind of contribution from the developer’s side can save lives and can help us to avoid unwanted accidents.




Google glass has almost touched every direction and every domain, be it health sector, education sector, entertainment sector etc. with the help of exceptional applications. Hence, Google glass is a gold mine for top app development companies as they can develop, extract and introduce extraordinary applications in this tech savvy world.

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