The beginners guide to building and launching an app


The beginners guide to building and launching an app

Do you want to test out your idea regarding Mobile Application? You do not have to be a Developer or a coder to publish and share your ideas with the mobile world out there. It takes so much to make a successful application than just the developing part, so it is usually better if you do not have to deal with the programming part as an Entrepreneur. Developing is just a part to make a successful app. As an Entrepreneur, you have to take care of the designing part, development part, client communication, successful deployment and the marketing of your application.

There are so many user guides out there about how to make a successful app but it wouldn't be so organized to tell you the Point A to Point B about making an app. It is always advisable to make the process as simple as possible to build and launch an application. If you think that, I do not have any technical skills than how can I build any mobile application but you can always partnering with App Development Companies and make them your development companion. This will help you to handle other business things apart from development to launch an application.

In an Interview a founder of a successful business said that “As long as you are an expert in marketing and can add the marketing value in your application, content creation and few more areas, there is no need of you becoming a developer. That part can be handled by outsourcing.

It is definitely a good news for Entrepreneur but once you outsource to develop your idea into a successful mobile application than you might spec out so many details of your app. In addition to outsource a development team or working with third party developers, you can also use app creators like Mobiloud or TheAppBuilder. These kind of apps allow you to create your own app by yourself without any code.

Here are the steps that you can consider while creating an application. Have a look at the below steps:


1) Get an Idea

2) Identify the need

3) Formation of flow and features

4) Remove unnecessary non-core features

5) Design your ideas first

6) Hire a developer team

7) Create Developers' accounts

8) Merge the analytics

9) Get the quick feedback and improvise

10) Introduce new versions and features


Tips on How to Market your App:


The mobile app industry is highly competitive, with more than one million sale of application in different categories. However, it still can be a profitable chance if you can promote your app effectively. You must ensure that your app gets in to the hand of the people who really need it. All you need to keep in mind that it is not enough to build a “Great App”. By creating an initial buzz for your application to ensure some great amount of user base before release date comes will also give you chance to validate your precious idea of application. It is very important to give a taste of your app before you actually launch it in market place.

Another important tip to market your app effectively, you should be different from the pack. There are actually two ways to launch your app idea in the market effectively. One is you can launch your app with some unique features which attracts most of the user of your app or you can launch your app for some selected group of people.

You should also take care of app store optimization. It is just similar like search engine optimization. App store Optimization is really essential to rank your app on the top. You only need to make sure that you use correct keywords in the title of your application and even in the description.

Finally, you can promote the growth of your app by adding social sharing features. For example, If your app is a game than you can give them an option to share their high scores on any social media site. If your app is a fitness app than they can share how much weight they have lost. Social media is great stage where you can get maximum traffic for your application.


How to make money from your application:


If you are intend to make good money which is very obvious than you need to create a strong buzz for your app all around. Making a good money out of your mobile application needs a great marketing skills indeed. There are very different way through which you can monetize your app but following four works the best.

1) Pay once for the app and have full access of the same:

In this model of monetization of your app, the users have to pay for the app only once and they can get all further updates and features for totally free. There is only one downside of this model is that once you make money from one users than you can never make money from the same user again.

2) Pay once for the app and then pay for additional features:

You can make money even after your app is purchased by one user. If a user wants to buy the additional updates or features they will pay more after purchasing it but this model had been criticized as the usual expectation of a user will be that they should have full access once they have paid for the application once.

3) A freemium model for your app:

This model to monetize your app is generally very popular in game category of applications. It motivates the users to unlock the premium version of your app by paying money. The app is free to use but the features of free versions are limited, it doesn't come with all the goodies.

4) Free apps monetized by advertising:

These type of apps do not cost anything but are continually monitized through different ads. This model can work when you are sure about that the users will download it the most and will use for a longer period of time.

When you are building an app for the first time then there will be so much to be taken into consideration. App Developers India won't let your entrepreneurial spirit go by serving the best mobile application development and convert your valuable idea into a great app. App Development Companies have the finest skills and through which they produce the apps which is highly successful till now. They make the applications on platforms like iOS, Android and Windows. Contact us for more information and get your free quote now.

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