The control is in your hand with smart gizmos and Internet of Things


The control is in your hand with smart gizmos and Internet of Things

What a brilliant piece of revolution we have been observing since a decade in communication devices especially mobile phones. They have come down all the way from mere a communication making device, to a multitasking power house and now its immersing as the device efficiently controls millions of other devices. This transformation took place in just a decade unlike other technologies which took way more time to expand. As the Smartphones came into existence, it brought forth the limitless potential to change the course of history.





So there comes the question, that, what made these gizmos such revolutionary? Well, the credit goes to the phenomenal sync of hardware as well as software which has enabled the user to perform innumerable tasks, from as simple as call, to as dynamic as tracking heart beat and activity 24x7. This approach is known as ‘internet of things’ which provides many facilities with the smart device or multiple devices attached with internet connectivity.


When we say hardware, these are set of few sensors capable of performing an intelligent set of activities and as an outcome, after being processed, it is being reflected on the device screen with the assistance of software. Having mentioned the concept, it becomes quite necessary for us to get known from the working of Internet of Things.


Near Field Communication is the short range wireless communication technology with immense frequency, which gets fit in many smartphones nowadays. The technology is capable of operating devices like TVs, Air conditioners, Car etc. from short distance. So phones provided with NFC function converts straight away into remote control apparently.





The gamut of Internet of Things is beyond our imaginations and it will leave your eyes wide open when it becomes an integral part of your life by findings daily required objects for you. Yes, with the assistance of a small device sizes not even half of your palm will let you know the location where you left your object such as keys, phones, vehicle and anything you name it.


Devices like smartbands and smartwatches is adding fuel in this technology, which tracks down every minute detail of your activities throughout the day and night such as walking, running, sleeping, etc. This triggers app development companies to stay on the toes to deliver efficient applications which can get in sync with these smartwearables.


These were some of very few jewels of the Internet of things which I have mentioned here, as the list is quite humongous. What we have witnessed till this moment is mere a glimpse, what is going on in those cutting edge techno giants’ R&D departments is something capable of transform the human capabilities significantly.

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