The encyclopedia of monetizing the applications part 2


The encyclopedia of monetizing the applications part 2

In our Episode- 1 of “The encyclopedia of monetizing the applications” you saw that how developers can use Admob to make money with their apps. Now we are here with the Types of AdMob ads that can appear in your application and more.


Types of AdMob ads that can appear in your application







1) video

2) interstitials

3) banners


AdMob also offers native ads which can match the form and function of developers’ app. In-app purchase is an excellent way to earn money in a freely distributed app. It has become a common practice for app creators as they can take the app installations at pique and simultaneously offering them a premium version or offering some premium features; if it’s a game, then you can go by coins or something similar converters which can be bartered by the user. About 98% of top 100 grossing android apps in US use in-app purchases. So AdMob now offers developers’ tools to help them to make more money from this type of business model.


Developers can use this new format to promote in-app purchase items to their users. AdMob automatically shows these promotions to users who are most likely to make purchase. Hence that's why AdMob is called a smart monetization platform.


AdMob offers powerful user segmentation in a new tool called Audience Builder. This is how it works for e.g. you have a puzzle game and a frequent player progresses slowly through a difficult level, you don’t want them to get frustrated and quit your game, so using segment built in audience builder you can show these frustrated players an ad promoting a special at right time to have them solve the level faster. And user is happy.


Now if your app business is really taking off. One can design and run custom advertising campaigns for specific advertisers with a new feature called AdMob reservations for e.g. acme kitten rental app wants to promote its app to users, you agree with their CEO how much they will pay you and for how long the ad campaign will run. With AdMob reservations you can keep them happy by showing their ad a certain number of times, or help them get certain number of downloads. And small part is that AdMob will only show the ads to users who don’t have the app installed already.


In some apps developers may choose to show ads from multiple ad networks in your app. AdMob offers something called mediation, which helps developers to manage them.



Why use mediation?


Let’s say you’re using 3 ad networks to serve ads into your app

Network A pays u 1 $

Network B pays u 3 $

Network C pays u 5 $

It is but obvious that from network C you want to request ad first, as it pays the most. An ad network CPMs can fluctuate each day.


So how do you get to highest paying ad each time?


Developers’ don’t want to keep manual checking which Ad network is paying the most and adjusting the order of your mediation stack. So solution is Ad Network optimization in AdMob, when they turn this on in their AdMob account, AdMob will automatically check which ad network is paying the most and request that ad be served in their app this helps to maintain high level of revenue.

Finally top app development companies can really supercharge their app business by understanding how people are using their app. Where in the app do users spend the most time or most money, which country's users spend more than others, Hence these question can be answered more with Google analytics, which is directly integrated into AdMob from analyze tab. Then developers can optimize their app to cater to diff user's needs. 

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