The encyclopedia of monetizing the your mobile applications part 1


The encyclopedia of monetizing the your mobile applications part 1

 What vitality an application holds in ‘Smart’ age?


Everything you possibly imagine, you would more likely end up getting in the applications. Be it productivity or entertainment, you are definitely going to get something similar to your thought somewhere around application market. Applications have checkmated many profound software. They are transforming the way we are living, makes life better in some way.


Why is app market growing so fast?


1) The app market is exploding because majority of people have a device in their pocket.

2) 20 years ago which was being used in mere a communication activity, has now been adopted worldwide that these gadgets have been controlling humans days in days out.

3) App market is growing exponentially because smart phone is primary device for a large group of audience today, whether they're working or whether they're looking for entertainment, Smartphone has become an inevitable necessity.


The more Smartphone are bought, the more applications will be installed. People all around the world download an estimated 140 billion mob apps in 2014, through which the top app development companies have estimated to earn $35 billion.





How developers can use Admob to make money with their apps?


There are lots of different ways to make money from mobile apps, but many app development companies choose ads. Thousands of app developers’ yield a third of earned income from ads rather than from any other sort of revenue model. More than 650,000 apps utilize Admob’s ads today to make money. It can help you to figure out best way to earn more money from your android or iOS app.

The best way to earn might be showing an ad to user. It intuitively figure out that which item you willing to opt for from your search history and will reflect the same or similar products in which ever application you would go. When users add AdMob to their app its bit like turning on tap, ads flow into their app, they see and may interact with them and revenue has chance to stream developers way.


When it comes to an appropriate platform selection to serve ads into your app you should consider 2 important metrics:


1) High fill rate: meaning whenever your app shows a screen, the ad network can serve an ad

2) High CPMs: the amount you get paid every 1000 times an ad is displayed in your app.


When you optimize AdMob, they have a lot of advertisers competing to appear in your app that includes advertisers buying ads through one of the world’s largest ad exchanges massive online auction. With lots of advertisers looking to buy ad space in real time it means higher fill rates and CPMs for you or in other words more money. So wherever users are from around the globe Admob can help you to earn revenue.Infact Admob developers are earning more money by showing ads to users all over the world in more than 200 countries.

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