This is what Apple is coming with: A brand new electric car “Titan”


This is what Apple is coming with: A brand new electric car “Titan”

When you think of Apple, you can imagine hard core technical phones, watches, TVs, music, wallets? What else? Any wild guess? It is the greatest and a huge gadget of all time and that's a car. Yes, you have heard it right. Apple is  apparently working on a bigger and a smarter device. The name of this secretive project is “Project Titan”. This news is still not so confirmed but some Apple insider have talked about it. Some of them have claimed that Apple is using an out side company called SixtyEight research and a tiny office building in Sunnyvale, California to work on this tight lipped project.

There are hundreds of Apple employee working on this electric vehicle. Sources have suggested that it may look like a “minivan”. There will be a lot changes in the interior and it may or may not provide the self driving technology though these are just rumors.


This is how the much talked Apple Car may look like:




What Apple may offer with this electric car?


The Apple car is in the very initial stage of development, but we can imagine how tech savvy this car can be after seeing all the gadget history of Apple. Automobile will be the much bigger Target for Apple if this is gonna be a huge success in comparison to music and phones. Much more technologies are going to be used undoubtedly by Apple such as latest batteries and inbuilt electronics and that can be integrated with other Apple products  like iPhone and iPad. Apple always wants to do something bigger and better, definitely apart from iPhone and other gadgets. This car can change the whole Automobile era and surely bring the revolution. This vehicle may allow you to configure the apps, you can also take an auto drive or auto reverse  through it's inbuilt technology. One of the company's leading designers, Marc Newson has an experience in making concept cars when he was associated with “Ford” so Apple “Titan” have some experienced leaders to make it a large one.


In this Tech Era, The Auto Industry is continuously bringing the world latest and fascinating technologies and Apple being the king of technology, whether it be for entertainment, music, luxury, mobile, may introduce some wonderful innovation through it's electric car. It is surely going to change the human transportation in general.


So what's in the store for us via Apple's “Titan”? Well, probably we don't know this exactly as it is yet a secretive project but based on the future plans and what's on the road today, our App Developers and designers can predict some of the new technology what Apple is going to show us with t's new car.


1) Imagine you don't notice a red light on a cross road and get hit by a truck? No. But now imagine that an App would warn you for a red light few miters ahead and you stop your car and be safe. Yes this is very convenient. New Apple “Titan” is probably going to have this kind of more safety Apps which can save your life in emergency.


2) What about a self driving car? This is not exactly so very new technology as many TV shows and movies have already shown it and some cars are also available which get parked by itself. New Apple “Titan” can be a fully self driving car. This App will not only capture images but will guide the car by their computerized Maps, search the alternative routes which has less traffic also see traffic lights before it is visible to a person. By utilizing cameras, radars and lasers this electric vehicle will inspect the surroundings before any human can.


3) Another interesting feature or technology this car can have which is below. Okay think of Iron Man or Terminator, where a robot takes a glance at a person or object and get all the information about who they are or what the object is all about automatically on their windshield. Similarly this electric car can show all the information about the person or object surrounding the car which will be high advanced and useful in many ways.


4) Integration of your Apple devices with the car is a basic expectation by this Apple's “Titan”. When you enter your car and your iPhone, iPad or any device will be automatically connected with your car and you can listen to your favorite music, you can operate your mails and texts etc.,


Well, after all it is “Apple”, the more we will imagine, the more they will serve. Imagination will be endless as there is no confirmation on it yet. Though one thing is confirm that this vehicle will open many more doors for the development and IT field.

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