Top 10 apps that are making a lot of revenue


Top 10 apps that are making a lot of revenue

Social media networking sites have been widely used by many people from all walks of life around the world. There are also many apps that have been helping people make their works easy and fast; speed up communications; provide total entertainment and allow the users to play online games. All of these can be done using the smartphones or other mobile device, laptop, desktop or computers and tablets.

There are already many apps that you can choose that can really meet your needs. However, not all of these apps can give efficient services to the user; some apps are not engaging and interesting, hence, some users end up losing interest in using the app. There are also apps that can really get the interest of the users. These apps are engaging and can give the user thrill and excitement every time he used the app. The app can give the user something to look forward if he pauses or take a break every time he play or use the app.


Some of the frequently use apps that have been dominating the apps network are:




#1. Facebook is a social networking site which allows the users to create their user’s profile, exchange or share messages, post and share status and photos, share videos and receive notifications when friends or other members or users update their photos and messages. You can also accept friend requests and have the option to decline a friend request. Facebook is a popular social networking site where almost everybody is already a registered member.






#2. Google Search is a multinational technology company in America that specializes in internet-related services and products which includes: online advertising technologies and cloud computing and software. Google search allows the user to search for documents offered by the web servers like images or data which can be found in databases. It has many features that the users will find useful and entertaining.






#3. YouTube is a website where the users can share videos. This website features trending or viral news all around the world. It also features videos of your favorite video of the different areas of concern. If you want to know the latest dance craze, most popular songs, most popular singer, and news update around the world; know different styles in cooking or how to play games, You Tube will always give you what’s best for you. People also use YouTube to view some of the latest movie in the vicinity.


#4. Google Play is a digital distribution platform and is the official app store for the Android Operating System. Google Play allows the users to browse or search and download apps created with the Android SDK. It is also a digital media store which offers music, magazines, books, movies and TV programs.


#5. Google Map is an app which can help the user track and monitor location or whereabouts. Google maps can provide street maps, route planner, if you want to walk or hike or use public transportation. It has also a locator for many countries around the world.


#6. G-Mail is an app where you can send and received communications from all parts of the world.




#7. Facebook Messenger allows the users to send and receive messages. It can also be used to call other Facebook Messenger members.


#8. Google plus is another social networking site which allows the users to get connected with family, relatives and friends wherever they are. Google plus also helps the users meet new friends who share new interest, concerns and hobbies.




#9. Instagram is a social networking service that allows the users to share online photos and videos using a mobile device. The user can take pictures and videos and share it right then and there to the different social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler and Flicker.






#10. Music (iTunes Radio/iCloud)- iTunes help you get organize as you enjoy listening to your favorite songs, watch movies and TV shows. It also allows the users to shop for the music and movies that they want to have.



These apps which are regularly used have been generating leads and traffics. It has also given the users a chance to improve their revenue. It has been used or is being used by many people. Top App Development Companies USA and other companies across the world try to give their best to satisfy their users. 


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