What are the tactics you need to keep in mind for optimizing mobile ad Interstitial?


What are the tactics you need to keep in mind for optimizing mobile ad Interstitial?

Cross-promotion is one of the best ways to grab attention of the new users and app developers inside game and the blend

of perfect or more precisely the right ad can create a huge difference. We at Hyperlink Infosystem have experimented with

number of interstitial ads and variation amongst them to polish CTR and conversions that we collect from initial impressions of

ad. Here is something we have learned:

Mobile AD “ hooks “-


There are numerous features that can be included in ad to make sure that we receive highest CTR . But it's not always

feasible to include all such hooks, but we make sure that we at-least include 3 to 5 in any ad interstitial. Here are our checklist

of inclusion:

1) Clickable CTA (Call to Action ): And that includes links or buttons like Download Now, Download Free, Upgrade Now etc.


2) Brand: Players are more interested to download product if it is connected to some well-known brand.


3) Price: High Downloads if game is Free.


4) Urgency : If it's for limited time and hot sale offer.


5) Theme : Theme based like Valentines, Mother's Day etc.

Know Your Audience


One should first target specific audience and then should show them ad according to their interest. For that one should be

aware about the latest trends and needs and demands posed by audience.


Example : From our analysis we have detected that gamer audience react fair with animated ad rather then boring robots.

Test Multiple Variations


Undoubtedly following of best practices is one of the correct way to kick start, but it is also important t test various ads and

examine how it interacts with your players.


Following are the aspects that can be used for testing are:




Call to Action


Avoid Ad Fatigue


It's quite essential to update your ad at regular intervals as overtime of any ad will reduce your CTR Meaning – If the Same ad

is being highlighted to players they will ignore it and would not see it that indirectly decreases CTR.


Change your ads approx every week and see the difference..!

Summing up the Entire Session :


Whenever we are cross-promoting between dual games , we are eager to get insights do they expect the same quality from

the game that is advertised or something more than that. App development Companies are working hard to get the best

out of ad to enhance best Gaming Experience to user . Contact us now for further Information.

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