Where the flow’s going for the next android ‘N’ version


Where the flow’s going for the next android ‘N’ version

And finally there it comes, the android asteroid the gen next version Marshmallow with all guns blazing. Some are indulging into its mesmerizing mobile interface whilst the rest are scratching heads in dilemma that when they will get the smooth sweet in their smartphones. The reviews are hitting the surface from everywhere. What we have seen so far are of a positive nature, however the actual feedback from the real users will define the performance which is quite distant at the moment. Apart from the vivid interface, finally standardized fingerprint scanner software has made its debut after being developed separately by OEMs or handset manufacturers. It’s going to make the security task quit plain and prompt.



Amongst two major physical enhancements, after finger print scanner support, the next big thing which Google has brought is USB type C support along with introducing the same in its new nexus twins. The new generation USB type C is believed to be the USB 3.1 if we consider its transmission reflexes which are faster by multi folds than its predecessor.. Well, these was some news update on physical enhancement and the software aspect is as per aforementioned, it has become the talk of the town.



Marshmallow is not something we are going to have discussion about, the purpose of this article is to identify what probably the next android ‘N’ can comprise or what we ‘Androizen’ (android + citizen) actually want Google to include on next android OS update. Though we are not living into any ‘I Robot’ or ‘Ex machina’ sort science fiction movies so don’t expect your phones to do the things on behalf of you as we are considering the next upgrade not next 10th upgrade. However, the creativity requires a strong sense of visualization, so of course you can diverge little bit.





Considering the fingerprint scanner, in order to defy the iOS in its own game and to challenge their legacy itself, the next destination for security scanner would be retina scanner. Yes, just like the finger prints the retina of human eyes possess unique properties which tend to vary person to person. Via front camera or separate powerful scanner the said task can be performed. If that is going to happen, we can really boast that, our phones get unlock in just a blink.



As we know that the latest android M has an inbuilt app search bar from which you can search installed applications directly from the search bar along with apps from play store. As the app development companies across the globe have geared up for delivering best UI UX applications for Marshmallow, it can be the ringing bell for app development companies to have the appropriate key words attached, to be able to make the most of the optimization. From that enhancement, what we can expect is, more intuitive search which just doesn’t go by words, but also regards the past search. The search must be contextual apart from intelligent.



The lock screen should be enhanced in terms of accessibility and activity. Though some android interfaces like HTC sense are pre equipped with such abilities in which few gestures and taps escalate certain set of actions, the next version of android ‘N’ may consider to standardize the process. After security and interface the most concerned area of the smartphone is the battery backup. So finally then the future software update should give the authority to the users, whether to keep any application or not on the device, even though it belongs to the manufacturer or preinstalled on the phone. And user should be enabled to stop any running app in the background.



We can visualize as many points as we want, but that guessing thing is only going to end when the next version goes live. Till then, do you guys have any guesses for the naming of android N. Well, if we take Google’s naming algorithm into account, there’s a sweet nut filled chocolate called ‘Nougat’. Who knows, it can be the next ‘sweetster’ on the shelf. 

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